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If I go to Vail; stay in Vail Village or Lionshead?

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What would the suggestion be? How far are they from each other and is it easy to get from one to the other? Where are all the restaurants/shops/bars and things to do?

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6 of one, half a dozen of the other. Lionshead is like a quarter mile from Vail Village.

Lots of fun places in Vail/Lionshead. You should also take the shuttle down to Edwards and hang out there. That's where the Beav is. Whatever you do, don't drink and drive. Lots of coppers looking for tanked tourists.

Drop a line when you're out. I'm up there a lot - I'm building a place in Eagle.
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We live in Eagle. Where are you building? Eagle Ranch, perhaps? If so, I probably designed your irrigation system.

It's a small world.
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Yes, Eagle Ranch.

I'm building a real sweet Craftsman. I grew up in Denver, so Craftsman architecture is near and dear to my heart.

Wow. Small world.
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easy answer Mack.

Do not give into the sheep of your group. do not go to VAIL!

Village, Lionshead, different ends of the same truckstop attatched to that sprawling mountain.
dont you wanna go to a mountain with a sense of place?
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I disagree. Vail is, to me, a must-ski. I think every skier should ski there a week just to appreciate the sheer size of the place. I know being "anti-Vail" is one of the badges of a Hard Corp Skier (tm) but I still think it's a great, huge mountain deserving of a week of your time.

I prefer Lionshead because the gondola lines were shorter than the Quad lines out of VV. This was about 10 years ago though so things might have changed.
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Kevin H nailed it on the head.

Vail bashing is real popular with militant skiing types, who by the way, always seem to demonstrate inferior skills. Great. Stay away. More of the mountain for me.

Blue Sky Basin is beautiful and great skiing. The Beav is wonderful.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Many first time Vail skiers leave with a bad impression. The reason why is that they don't go there with someone who knows the mountain. I see so many tourists at Vail who spend thousands to come here, then stand around looking at the map saying, "Let's go over here, it looks good". I mean, what a joke!

Every time I ski with a Vail "rookie", their story is always the same. The first chair up they're like, "Ah, this place isn't that great - it's overrated". Then, by about 2 o'clock, they're like, "Now I know why people love this place".
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Well, it's officially the beginning of the Internet ski season hear at Epic Ski with the first Utahan sporting the official state of Utah inferiority complex having to fire a shot across the bow of Vail.

"Don't you want to ski somewhere with a sense of place?"

No, I want to ski where there are 5000 plus uncrowded acres of challenging terrain, with virgin stashes of powder and breath taking ski runs, giant bowls and awe inspiring views all around.

I could careless that there are a few fur coat-wearing women giggling about the base area in high-heeled ski boots.

I find it quite humourous that the "Sheep" who ski Vail never post rants that Utah ski areas suck, but the same can't be said for the lovers of Utah's ski resorts.

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IMO, you'll eventually want to ski the terrain that is WAY east of the gondola. Launching your day from the LH gondola with the intention of going east is a major pain. Stay nearer to the Vista Bahn lift.
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I've figured out my approach for picking either Aspen, Vail (Vail Village), or Vail (Lionshead). I will stay wherever I can find the cheapest total 'vacation price'. There. Simple. I know these are more expensive than other places (Utah, Whistler, etc..), but it's time for either Vail or Aspen, especially since we have a lot of 'non-skiers' going and want to get them hooked.
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It will be interesting to see what one is less. If they are not hooked on skiing, one thing about the Vail area you might consider is Beaver Creek for the Nordic area. Great for snowshoeing. You take the lift to the area rather than the typical golf course that so many resorts use for Nordic. Its nice so you can still all meet up for Lunch or whatever. It really is beautiful! It is where we take our non-skier visitors. Another plug for the Beav is that they have a beginner area at Mid-Mountain, not just at the base. Again very convenient for meeting up with the group.
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How is the Beaver Creek village in regards to restaurants/bars/etc? (and how does it compare to Vail). Also, how is the skiing there? Some friends of mine are actually staying at Beaver Creek (cheaper) but plan to ski Vail.. I'm not sure if being able to stay at Vail and not have to drive there or take the shuttle to ski and/or do stuff is worth the extra $$ from staying at Beaver Creek.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by powderhound:

I find it quite humourous that the "Sheep" who ski Vail never post rants that Utah ski areas suck, but the same can't be said for the lovers of Utah's ski resorts.


The reason sheep ski Vail is that they are scared of Utah. They don't call them the "Nosnatch" Range for no reason.
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Mack not sure that I would stay at Beaver Creek if I had non-skiers. Vail has much more to offer. I meant for a day trip. Pretty easy to take the shuttle over. Most of the high end resorts like the Cascade will have thier own shuttle which makes it even easier.

I love Beaver Creek. Rarely crowded. Lots of people think its small. well maybe compared to Vail, but compared to anything else its big. The snow falls will vary alot Vail VS the Beav. Ski who has the best. Another thing that will not matter to some but its seems as if Beaver Creek is warmer/sunnier than Vail. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Lots of cruisers that meet up with bump runs so everyone can take the lift together.
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Most of the "action" for the Beav is in Edwards, which is 2 miles from the lift. Yes, there's a few really good places to hang out - lively too.
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Never heard that one,

hee, hee.
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Vail would not be my first choice in CO.

After 20+ days there, many with locals I feel it is an informed opinion.

PH, strange signature when defending a place not known for either.

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Hey if all this Vail bashing keeps up I will have to myself [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Do not be so concerned about Lions Head or Village, there are great deals out at the GOlf COurse end of town too. WHere ever you put your Head down for the evening. (or whatever) you can go ALL over the place with NO trouble. Shuttles can get you everywhere, even Beav. which is up the road a peice. There was a post about Lions Head Gondola lines and that is as true today as ever. The ski school is on the other end of the mountain as are the race venues. SO what is important is, Rental or no, Ski Scholl or no, Race Event or no. Pleanty to do and see and it is a must see I agree with others about it. Vail IS part of SNOW SPORTS history. IF you are seriouis about the SPORT this is a place you gotta go, sooner or later!
Depending on your level of skiing you may want to be village vs Lions H, it takes a few transfers and a bit of skiing to get to the back bowls from LH. BUt the cruise dwon to LH at the end of the day is cool too.
SUggest: get out there (back bowls) early in the day, ski round counter clockwise, back to restaurant by mid day. Sight see a few runs on the left side of Vail as you look at it, then GO under the Gondola for some WIDE FULL Throttle cruising! Look out for SPEED control at the bottom!
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Tough task to choose between Vail and Aspen if you are trying to 'hook' new skiers. In terms of small crowds and alpine scenery, the choice is probably Snowmass and Aspen. In terms of developed feel and the 'everyone wants to be here' feel, the choice is probably Vail and Beaver Creek. The skiing at both areas is VERY GOOD, but you will have to find the target group you need to satisfy. Just as a footnote, The Texas Ski Council(I know; what do they Know!!) considers their trips to Snowmass to be the most highly rated Colorado trip by all 15 or so clubs and their members. ...We're splitting hairs now, and the trip will be memorable no matter where you choose to go! Good Luck [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'll stick to Eldora and Loveland.

As far as nightlife....I'll have a diet pepsi at home and tuck my daughter in after a bed-time story. You don't get any better than a day at either of those places.
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Dear deciding between Aspen and Vail:

I have satyed in Aspen before and never had a long lift line.
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