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WOW!!! What a trip. 18ish inches before we arrived and 2ish feet while we were there made for the BEST skiing this eastener has ever seen! Day one on the lift at 1 PM at ALTA and skied my first real day of true powder. Day 2 with an instructor (Chris Ulms- great guy although he never heard of Epicski) had the best day of skiing ever and it will likely be tough to top in the future. My first face shots, untracked hard fall down and laugh! We caught Devil's Castle right when it opened and had an amazing run! I heard many skiers say "just Epic" or "Epic Skiing" but unfortunately I had no Bear sightings. Day 3 was at Snowbird. A night and day difference. The weather was not great (very windy and the visibility was horrible). The first two runs off the tram (Regulator) were scary because you felt like you had vertigo. It got a little better but we couldn't wait to get back to Alta. Day 4 Woke up to find 18-24 inches of snow and an Interlodge lockdown in place, the sad part was we only had until 1 PM to ski. Once again we skied with Chris and it was AWESOME. High Rustler and Catherines Bowl were incredible. The best part was going into all different types of places which were not named on the map (ie the Spines?). For an easerner it was wild to see only 51 "named" trails and yet the whole mountain was wide open. We could have skied for weeks and not hit everything Alta had to offer.

This was an incredible trip. Thanks to all of the Bears for your info and responses to all of my inquiries! While my experience was very limited I would be pleased to offer any insight to first time visitors as my way of repaying the favor bank. Thanks again!