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Holiday Valley Conditions

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Lars or HV,

Did the Valley get that huge dump of 30"?

What are conditions like?

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Well, I'm not Lars or HV, but I've got relatives that are about 8 miles south of Buffalo-they only got a few inches-while the city got pounded.
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Thanks, I guess I should have PM'ed instead but your contacts are right. [img]redface.gif[/img] That lake effect went just north. Darn!!!! :
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The Valley is in awesome condition right now. Pow the last 4 days. Over 3 feet of it and still falling. Everything open except the middle part of the wall. Now when the Holidays are over and the crowds are gone, it will once again be a personal playground. Lets go Eddie!
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Lars & Ed, I'm jealous! I had to settle for 4" of freshies on Saturday.

See y'all in Fernie!
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