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Snow in the East?

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Killington sent me an add-o-gram, perhaps many of you "Get the Drift"

They would like to believe that we will see over a foot of snow later this week, and are offering Sunday day passes for $45 with advance purchase.

Sounds like fun!

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North of killington here, we are getting morning and afternoon snow showers. very light, but constant, and the temperature is mild. If more comes, things will be excellent.
I hope Killington's forcast is right.
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I hope Maine gets some snow too.

So far the reports are only calling for showers in VT and Maine.
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The pattern of snowfall seems to be based on altitude.
Driving up to Hunter on the Taconic, there was a lot of fresh snow at Fahnestock, elevation 1100 feet.
Then only a dusting along I-84, where it passes by all those prisons. Nothing along the Thruway. About 3 inches in the parking lot at Selena's diner in Tannersville, then at least 6 inches at the midstation at Hunter.
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Skied Mad River yesterday morning and shot over to the Bush for a couple of after lunch runs (ok, taking playing hooky from work a bit seriously yesterday!) - conditions were pretty amazing and way better than what I expected. MR had good fluff on top of set up firm stuff (mushy ice?) - bumps were phenomenal. Sugarbush also had good coverage -- steady light snow the last couple of nights has made for a nice turnaround from last week. Let's wait and see what comes on Friday - keep your fingers crossed.
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Anybody know about NH conditions? Cannon and Wildcat specifically?
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Cannon didn't look too good a few weeks ago and I don't think they got too much snow since then.

Not sure about Wildcat but Cranmore had some really bad bare spots.
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