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Expedia and Frontier Airlines?

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Looking to do a last minute trip out west - hopefully the upcoming warmer/drier spell will pass after the 18th.

Expedia looks to have the best prices (Frontier Airlines) for airlines. Anyone with experience booking through Expedia or flying Frontier.


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Can't help you exactly, but I've always found (done a few) with last minute trips your best bet is to call a tour operator with bulk airfare, and ask where the deals are. I took my then-girlfriend on a surprise trip (told her to pack something warm--she thought I was driving her someplace up in NE) to Breckenridge for an extended weekend--put it together the Monday before our Friday departure. Air into Breck was like $230 from Philadelphia. Grab a ski magazine and look up Tour Operators, and, make sure you call several. You'll get reduced lift tix and accommodations as inexpensive as you need. I've found some years that several places (say 5) might come in with comparable numbers and comparable destinations, then the 6th or 7th call you come up with something really interesting.
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I recently booked a trip out West through Orbitz and got a great airfare from Boston to Reno for $230 / piece. I also had the option to go to SLC or Seattle for the same price. Maybe you want to check them out as well... Deals were better on Orbitz than on Hotwire by the way. I decided on Reno because of the lodging/lift deals. Altogether I'm clocking 5 nights / 4 days skiing for $550 with airport parking and shuttle.
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If your looking for Ski Tour Operators, look up Ski Tops.


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We flew Frontier from Milwaukee to Denver in early December. I booked it thru Expedia.
Everything went smoothly with no problems. It was our first time flying Frontier, but not my first time using Expedia.
I have used both Expedia and Travelocity to book hotel stays and never had any problems.
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Done this a lot this year - got a free flight coming on Frontier.

My best deal, was using the last minute deal function of travelocity which got me a frontier flight and lodging for 4 days on the post new year weekend. When you combine with lodging, sometimes the deals are spectacular.

On flights alone, Frontier is a bit weird. Orbitz, Cheaptickets, Expedia, Travelocity all will give you the same flights but their prices can vary. Often, to my surprise, using the frontier on-line site directly has gotten me the best fare. So, I'd check all sources before you hit that "buy" button, as it's a bit crazy out there.
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Oh, and if your lucky - you'll get one of their new airbus planes with direct tv on each back seat for 5 bucks. Just bring your own noise cancelling headphones for a better ride though.
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