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Copper in January

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I am looking at skiing Copper all January '03. What has the snow coverage been like for the last few years at this time of year? Would Winter Park be a better option as far as snow coverage? Thanks for your help.
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Colorado had a bad snow year last year but Copper was pretty well covered. Hard to tell from year to year about the snow here, but we do have good roads so you can take a drive to wherever the snow might be good.
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Take into account that there may be very little man made snow this year due to the drought in CO.

Hopefully it will fall naturally and in abundance by Jan 3!!
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I agree with the above that snow coverage varies from year to year. I was at Copper the last day of the season in 2001. The snow coverage was close to perfect. There was hardly any brown spots on the slopes on April 22 (may be April 20?). It was an excellent year. I still miss it.
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I can only go in January so it does not look good.
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I meant to say the snow coverage was excellent all year long in the 01 season, including the last day of the season. Yes, some years are not as good as other. It is just hard to predict the future. But that never stops me from planning my ski trips.
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