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I am going to go to Park City the first week in March. Are conditions usually good? I live in Tennessee and have only been able to go skiing in North Carolina until now. I have heard that Utah has some of the best skiing anywhere. Is there any tips from anyone who has been to Park City?
Thanks [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Maybe ask me again in 2 weeks!

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Michelle, Park city is a good place to get your first taste of Westren skiing. That first week of march is normaly vary good. This season has been a bit of an odd year. Our snowpack isn't what it should be, but one or two storms could make up for that. Still from what I hear from many tourist and guest is they are enjoying there time here.
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Just got back from Park City last Saturday. We had a ball! Our family of 5 covers all spectrum of hill (green/ski to Black/snowboard) Actually, we only skiied at the Canyons. Heard their grooming was much better that right at Park City. The Canyons is just a mile or two off the interstate, and has a lift from the parking area to the gondola.
The weather in PC has been unusual. 25 straight days of above normal temps (it was in upper 30's) and no new snowfall to speak of. Still, they keep up the hill. Ski the north side in am and south in pm. My advice: just keep checking thru next month to see how snow is.
BTW: I still have one lift ticket left for Canyons, if you're interested. $46, and good any day thru April. Any other questions, just ask!

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