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Big Sky looking dire

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Greetings all,
Current conditions aren't good at Big Ski according to snow reports. Forcasts are not promising for the next week, either. I'm approaching a decision point for a planned family ski trip to start on Dec 27. Any words of encouragement? My understanding is marginal natural cover on the upper mountain and only a few lower mountain trails open, all on man-made. Someone please tell me they got two feet of snow last night.
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I haven't been there in a couple weeks. They've been managing to get a little snow every couple days with 4 inches appearing unexpectedly yesterday. All the lower lifts are open but all the lifts going high on Lone Mountain are closed. From what I've heard they do have decent coverage on some of the runs via man-made snow they're hauling around the slopes. You do need to ask which runs are safe. Big Sky is dire but its doing much better than the other ski areas in Montana.....some of which (including Bridger where I have my pass) have not opened.

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I've been monitoring this situation as well. I'm planning my 1st trip to Bozeman to visit friends and my dates are flexible. If you have other options, I'd probably excercise them. Colorado's lookin' real good. So's California. But I'd steer clear of MT for anything more than a 1 or 2 day trip.
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Will be driving through Bozeman next Sunday, and I will keep right on going to Park City. Stay clear of Big Sky until March, if they even have snow then!? :
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I hope that Big Sky gets some snow in Feb. I and another lift foreman are planning a three day trip there, so he can tray another great American resort ( he's Aussie)
Does any on know if there are discounted tickets offered near the resort. We will be staying on the mtn.
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The little bits of snow we have picked up are helping, but Dire is still the word. Plans are afoot to open more terrain tomorrow (12-25) but it is going to be thin.
TR, you should contact the head of Lift Operations, Sam. He is a great guy and may be able to style you out if you do some groundwork ahead of time. I will get his e-mail if you want and put you in touch.
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Yes i'm very interested in his email addy. Please send me a private messege when you get it.
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