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Lange RRS Boots

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I asked about these boots in a post a while back. It was mixed with a bunch of other ACL questions and such. Anyway, I never heard any feedback, so I thought I'd try again now that we're more "in-season" and more people are on the board.

Has anyone used these boots? More importantly, has anyone torn an ACL while wearing them or seen it happen? I've heard they work in the lab with cadavers and they're doing field testing in the U.S. and Europe putting them out there as rental boots. The concept seems logical. I wonder how it's working in practice.

Being that this ski season is blown (literally) from complications following my ACL reconstruction last spring, when I finally do return, I'd like to avoid this happening again.

I've learned a lot after the fact on falling properly etc., but a risk reduction with equipment would be nice also.

(I never used to pay attention to those ski magazine articles on injury-related matters. I guess I thought since I'm young and fairly athletic, I'd be invincible. I unfortunately found that not to be the case!)
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Well i cant tell you much about the Lange V9 RRS boots other than i bought some since i injured my knee last year. Hopfuly i will be sking soon if the snow ever gets here and i can let you know what i think about them. Knee injuries suck, my knee still isnt 100 percent from last January and i didnt even tear anything just sprained it. The boots dont have a real stiff shell there like the Lange Vector 7 boots, kinda mid level type boots. But since they dont have a stiffer shell available with the RRS setup you dont have alot of choice, plus the toe box isnt real big but if your feet are about average in volume to small you should be ok with them. More opinion to follow after skiing with them.
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