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GRANBY for Winter Park?

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We're looking for cheap lodging in Granby, or thereabouts, can anyone suggest a good Motel or Hotel?

Thank you.
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If you want cheap lodging in Winter Park, try the Beaver Village Lodge.

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I second Fox's comment. Either Beavers or The Viking. There is also a new hostel in Fraser, which is about 5 miles from the town of Winter Park. Granby is about a half hour drive from the ski area, but don't know of any cheap lodging off-hand. There are several motels along US 40 in that town. Let me know when you are there. Maybe we can make some turns.
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I stayed at a motel in Granby last year to ski Winter Park. There was a hotel on the far side of town from Winter Park, on the left. I can't remember the name, but it was bright orange. You can't miss it. It was like $30-40 / night from what I can remember. Nothing fancy, but it was warm and the bed was comfy.

Not a bad drive to WP from there either.

But if the Beaver Lodge has good rates, you should go with it. I mean, if it's chock full of Beaver, what more could you ask for?
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Gracias for replies, especially the "chock full of beavers"..., I'm sure my 4 yr. old skier will love it (them)... Snow Ranch also looks nice.

Any suggestions for best BREAKFAST in area?

Seriously now, something like a Super 8 but not with the price of the one in WP.

Brokedown, plan to be there sometime between 12/31-1/3.

Kremmling, or any suggestions along same line to ski Steamboat?
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Best breakfast is at Snoassis.
Get the first chair to the top, then a quick bump down Bradleys Bash, and cut across to Snoassis. While there you discuss with your friends which ones are coming with you to the Cirque, and which ones are going down Outhouse and then over to Derailer...
(sorry, I've just drooled all over my keyboard)

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Here are a couple of contacts....

Pinnacle Lodge/Fraser.....1 970 722-7631
High Mountain Lodge/Fraser....1 970 726-5958
Beaver Village/Winter Park....1 970 726-5741
Iron Horse/Winter Park....1 970 726-8851
Olympia Motor Lodge/Winter Park....1 970 726-8843
The Vintage Hotel/Winter Park....1 970 726-8801
Silver Creek Lodging/Granby....1 970 887-2131
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Joe at WP, which is best, and cheapest, in Granby?

Any LOCALS have further suggestions???

Thanks all.
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Best places for breakfast:

Carver's Bakery--it is behind the Cooper Creek Square shopping center. Mmmmm!!! The best breakfast in town.

The Last Waltz in the King's Crossing Shopping Center is excellent too!!

I've never had breakfast in Snoasis, but the West Portal Station at the base area is a good, fast breakfast too!

For dinner, don't miss The Shed. Al Sapien is the best chef in town.

GPaul, PM me when you get in town, or close to when you are leaving home, and I'll meet you on the hill somewhere.
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Brokedown, tks. Will do as you request.

Do you know of cheap digs in Fraser or Granby that may include lift tickets at a reasonable price?
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Hey, if you stay at the Beaver's Lodge in W.P., it includes your dinner and breakfast the next morning. Also, if you have an Entertainment card-1/2 off the rates.
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Tks Powdermama. What is, and where do I inquire about the Entertainmnet Card?
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One thing to do (if you are with your SO) is go for an evening meal in the Lodge at Sunspot. I'm sure some of the others can tell you more, but it is a way to get back in their good books after skiing with your mates all day...

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I sent my parents to dinner at Sunspot a few years ago as a Christmas gift. They absolutely loved it. Thee resort puts gondola cars on the Zephyr lift for the evening so you stay nice and warm. It is not cheap, though it is an evening you won't soon forget.
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Thanks again.

Since our travel time is going to be as expensive anywhere, we are leaning towards Steamboat for 12/30-1/5, hopefully beating the crowds to be found at the closer resorts.

Words of Wisdom on Steamboat? Cheap Motels, Cheap Restaurants, Cheap Rentals, DISCOUNTS TO ANYTHING???????????

All the best.
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Not sure about Steamboat lodging, but here are some other resorts to check out: Telluride, Crested Bute, Taos, NM. All three are a long way from a major city, so you could escape the crowds a little bit.
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Gpaul-the Entertainment Book is a coupon book with a ton of 2 for 1 deals on anything from resturants to dry cleaning. It is sold by state or cities throughout the U.S. and by most elementary schools. Otherwise go to www.entertainment.com for more info. We saved a ton on vacation in Cabo San Lucas last year with this book!
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