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Ohio Skiing

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Mad River Mt. Closed Sunday for the season as did Snow Trails.
I see Boston Mills is still open. I am thinking of comming up tomorrow Tue 3/12. Can anyone tell me the actual conditions?

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Tom, though I haven't been out there, my brother-in-law who works there says it is still in pretty good condition. With the cold spell we had, I'm inclined to believe him.

Have fun squeezing out one more day.

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Tom , its snow thats about all you can say. We would love the conditions the first day the resort would be open in the fall. I will likely go tommorrow. Give me a private message eh!
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If you guys are going for sure I will join you...
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Thats great Ott. I was hoping you would be there. Diana is not sure she is comming she has a haircut appointment. The weather I have been looking at has the rain ending early.
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It is supposed to have flurries here the weatherman said..

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Ok guys I will be there for sure. Diana will not be comming so I hope to be there closer to 9:30.
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Pierre, get a job! Ott aren't you supposed to be in Florida or something. Tom, well I don't know you but heck you can't ski my hill, with those two characters, when I have to work.

Sob, sob, I don't get to have no fun. [img]redface.gif[/img] Yep, gotta work!

See ya,


Oh, BTW, I left the cherry syrup in my locker. You will need it tomorrow. Its snow cone time. :

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I hear there is a bad case of snowflu going around. Catch it and join us.
There is a tour of Vail on OLN right now.
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Pierre and Tom,

Even though is was very slushy, I enjoyed skiing with you guys!

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Ott and Pierre
I made it home. Ott, Pierre gave a great clinic then we skied tiger the last hour or so. Pierre was showing me his way to ski bumps. I understand it, now I need lots of mileage.
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Ott it was great to ski with you again.
Tom I had a blast skiing with you. You ski great.
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Well, Sunday at 10 pm marks the end of Ohio skiing for this season as Boston Mills closes, ski you next season [img]smile.gif[/img]

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