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Just to clarify a couple of things here. Golden is .75 to 1 hour to Lake Louise not the half hour mentioned a couple of times and Sunshine is easily 1.5 hours to get up the access road and all. Not a huge drive but still not as short as stated. In April you are likely to be hard pressed to find better snow than Sunshine and Lake Louise have then. Generally full winter snow still.
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I'm for Whistler. For last 3 years I'm visiting Whistler in April for some ~3 days(between dates 1-12 each year) and so far it was great every time. All most challenging terrain including Blackcomb backcountry is still open. Great snow cover at upper
side of mountains(who needs lower side?). Also, you get village where you can find places to go after skiing. You even can play hockey there at Sport center after some 8pm if you're interested. Really great place. I'm going there this April too. The place where I usually book hotel/condo is : www.estays.com. They have great selection. Check it out.
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thanks. I hope I get to check out Whistler or Lake Louise at some point. I just could not find a flight under $450-500 to go to Canada from Boston in early April / late March. It's only $220 to Reno so I had to go with that this time around... We'll see...
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