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Mt Shasta: Review

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Thought I would post a review of the few resorts I visited recently, starting with this one.

Was a cloudy day, which was good because the Mt, in Northern California (close to I-5) was undergoing a January thaw. Stayed at the Finlandia Hotel, close to the village/town of Mt Shasta and the 2nd closest there to the resort. The Mt had few people on it; seemed like I could hit groom marks all day. It was like "good spring" skiing, not too slow, not stiff or icy.

Terrain has variety with several peaks (two intermediate/advanced, one beginner/intermediate) and the blues I was on weren't all that difficult. Wide enough for anyone, including those just getting used to some drop offs. Excellent view of Mt Shasta also. Rental location on site sold the lift ticket also, which saves time. I went with the $3.25 hot dog, which was larger than the standard frankfuter and therefore a decent buy.

Only three "real" lifts but didn't seem like there was a wait. I went on a Tuesday. There is night skiing currently from Wed-Sun, I think (could be Sat, but I thought it was Sun). On Tuesday, lift price was only $26.

It was great for my first day out especially, though I stayed too long and was way tired the next day. Questions -- let me know.

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First comment - Mt. Shasta is always thawing. The new resort is too low on the hill & south facing. Wet snow is the norm......boarders love it there.

First question - What the hell were you doing in those parts?

Second question - If you're going back could you look for the six-pack of Rainier Ale we buried in a snowbank by the old Mt. Shasta Ski Area parking lot in 1975?

Third question - While in Mt. Shasta City did you join any interesting religious order? (I think the rattlesnake handling Christians are gone now which is a shame because their mishaps were always good for a news story).
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Hi Rio,

Very funny. I don't know if Shasta is "always" melting. It looked like there was a recent snow in town (melting) and there was still snow in the parking lot of the resort.

I should have added that the Finlandia is a basic motel, but I found it had "everything you need, nothing you don't" at a reasonable price.

It was somewhat wet, certainly so when the sun came out, but I wasn't unhappy with it at all. As an eastern skier out for the first time, it was a good speed for me. For the speed merchants, I'm sure Bachelor was better, but I was too tired and too overwhelmed by then (the next day).

I drove up from San Francisco to Portland. Wound up spending several days in Forest Grove. I still got to try out Bachelor and Mt Hood though, thanks to some ski-lovin' Bears.

You're still looking for your beer? That's funny. Musta been a nice find for someone.

I didn't join any religious order (didn't see any), and I cannot remember if I saw a New Age spa there or not, which would have been more my thing. Did visit a clothing store in town and bought 1 outfit for $30. It was a corner store across from the public parking area. A lot of dressy stuff but I went for an outfit I could teach in.

There also was no internet cafe (booo), like there is in Bend.

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Lisakaz -

I grew up in Ashland, OR, which is 15 miles from the California boarder on I-5. During my youth we would go down to Mt. Shasta to ski at the old ski area which was higher on the mountain above the tree line (we would also go down in the summer to ski the snow fields on the north side using VW bugs to drive up the sides of the slopes). The location of the old ski area made for better snow & had some incredible wide-open bowls. Unfortunately, the location was also prone to high winds, white-outs & avalanches.

When an avalanche took out the chair one year they decided to move. Originally they wanted to move to the north side which was less prone to melting but environmental challenges prevented that. They had to settle for the current location since it was close to the old area but more shielded from the elements. Unfortunately it was also a lower elevation thus the problem with continually melting snow (luckily they usually get lots of new snow all season long).

If you got a good view of the mountain on a sunny day you can understand why so many sects have been attracted to the area. I think it is the most stunning mountain to view in the US.

Glad you got to Bend. Bachelor is a blast to ski. If you do the I-5 journey again you should either try skiing at Mt. Ashland (where I learned to ski) or a side trip for cat skiing on Mt. Bailey which is near Crater Lake.
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Thanks for the report! Please do it again. There are many of us out here who haven't been 'everywhere', and really enjoy the insights of others at their chosen destinations. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I ski at Mt.Shasta and im waiting to try ashland this year i feel like they treat me pretty  well the park rangers are way kool
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Another small/fun resort is Willamette Pass on Hwy 58.
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