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A-basin blue trails

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How do those blue trails at A-basin compare in difficulty and steepness to elsewhere (say Loveland or even Vail...)?
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I would say they are about the same as those resorts (perhaps a bit steeper, but probably about the same). They are more difficult than the blues at Breck, however, which I think are rated rather liberally.
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Do you think then, that the blacks and double blacks at Breck are liberally rated as well? Like would a black at Breck be more similar to a blue at A-basin or Loveland?
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Not exactly. The black and double black terrain at A basin is generally serious stuff- Pali and the East wall are very steep, and the chutes at the very top the east wall have scared me away (you have to hike to get to them). The hike-to territory at Breck is truly black diamond terrain, and the imperial bowl is supposed to be greater than a 45% slope, but I found it managable and a lot of fun (if you have the cardiovascular fitness to ascend 900 vertical feet carrying skis on foot). Much of the stuff off of the t-bar is really black, but not as difficult as the hardest terrain at A Basin.
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I'll second the motion that Breck's blues are on the easy side. No experience @ A-basin though.
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I agree the blue terrain at A-Basin is very manageable and the scenery is second to none.
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