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snow conditions at Fernie?

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Hi, guys. Mr. Delta and I are trying to figure out where to book a ski vacation either late this month, or in February. He was very attracted to Fernie because of the usual snow conditions, but it seems that the snowfall in that region is less than usual. Then to round it all out, a friend of his there just e-mailed that the snow "sucks".

Of course, this is all relative, so I'm trying to get a feel for what it's really like.

Has anyone skied there recently? What's the snow situation?
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A couple friends of mine came out from Fernie for a instructor course here at Sun Peaks last week. They said it was pretty boney when they left on the 7th of Jan. Let's hope they get some snow before you go.

Have you ever been to my home hill ( Sun Peaks )? From the reports of the various people on the instructor course from all over the province, we have the better snow conditions this year here. It's still thinner than usual, but it is good.

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Snow conditions here are very poor at the moment.
There is still some pretty good snow in the back country, but inbounds it's all cut up and pretty hard.
As it looks right now I wouldn't book a vacation here if it doesn't snow soon, and there's no snow to come for a least a week.

Think snow! :
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I was wrong in my last post...
It started snowing!!
Skied the resort yesterday, in new snow and went for a hike today.
The resort still needs snow to cover all the bumps, but we're getting closer.
But now, the snowpack is VERY unstable if you go outside the patrolled area!
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Thanks very much for the reports. The trip is being pushed out to late February or March now, but it's good to keep track of the snow!
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I too, am watching the ski conditions carefully, trying to decide if it will be Fernie or Kicking Horse this Feb.? It seems that they've had some snow recently, so things are looking up. I don't know about KH, but when Fernie doesn't have enough snow to cover the brush in the bowls and the trees, it can be nasty. I'm speculating that KH is further north, so that once it gets snow, it is more likely to keep it.

For 'unbiased' reports on Fernie, try www.redtree.com. www.firsttracksonline.com has a forum where people post their personal ski condition reports on various resorts.

Pray for snow!!!
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