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how to get cheap tix in UT?

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Heading to Park City for the first time ever next week. Since most places are near closing, I imagine tix prices are cheaper. Is this correct? If not, where can I score cheap tix to the resorts?

Also, what can I expect in the way of conditions? Should I bring the Explosives or just the 1080s?
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REI in Salt Lake has discount tickets!
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Peter, My family is heading out this afternoon for SLC. Discount lift tickets are also available at Ski N See stores (7 locations) and Canyon Sports stores (4 locations). Web sites say $55 for Park City tickets. No indication that resorts have been discounting, but...?
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If there's a craigslist for Salk Lake City or a surrounding town, you might be lucky in the "tickets" section... I know I've saved quite a few bucks that way...
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Canyon Sports best prices in SLC :
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Peter check the quick start Program If you arrive in Salt Lake City in The morning just take your Airline ticket to the ticket window at any of the 3 Park City area resorts and they will give you a free lift pass for the day. We have had vary warm weather for the past 10 days things were not looking vary good However it is snowing as I type so we may have better skiing this next week. This time of year it is worth the drive to hit the Cottenwood Canyons. I'm going to Solitude this Weekend.
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Oh well, trip canceled
Family emergency.
Maybe next year...

Thank you all for the advice though. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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