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Crystal's Done

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Well, my local resort just announced that Sunday's the last day. They're closing early. They say it's the driest year they've had in their 39 year history. I've probably been laid up the majority of the season. I'm glad I didn't get a full season pass as I don't think it would have paid for itself. Anyway, my last injury(calf) is healed up just enough that I'm going up tomorrow and just working on drills on greens and blues (still hurts). Maybe I can get some late stuff in elsewhere but it sure is depressing. What a year. Good time to start planning next year. Lucky, any chance you're up there tomorrow?
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Bob T, Just read your post. I've been at Whistler for the last 5 days so I missed the closing at Crystal. I got in 21 days at Crystal this year so I just made the break-even on the pass. Hope you had a good time. Whistler was great, sunshine and freshies. Maybe we will meet up next season.
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Lucky, next year I'll make it a point. Other than the lack of snow Friday was a great day, clear and sunny. Still hobbling pretty bad so I just did drills and some cruising. Lower leg kind of looked like a mushroom when the boot came off. I'd rather have been at Whistler though. Gonna head for White Pass a couple of times for what's left. Wouldn't you know it's snowing now. Notice that White Pass and Stevens are advertising cheap passes for next year. Do you know if Crystal has ever entertained that idea? Seems to have been very successful elsewhere.
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I talk to the owner and manager frequently. I will ask them.
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