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April 4-10 out west ????

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Thinking bout Colorado but conditions/forecast don't look too good......any thoughts??
Anyone know the conditions at Mammoth? And the best way to get there??
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Things could change, but I think Colorado may be done by then. Reno is the easiest gateway to Mammoth, but I think I would go to Canada.
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Originally posted by SHREDHEAD:
Things could change, but I think Colorado may be done by then.
Bite your tongue man!! I'm heading that way. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Vail's long range forecast for the the first 1/3 of April somewhat encouraging. They are indicating their is a decent chance for a number of "weakened" fronts to pass through. I know that doesn't indicate epic powder dumps , but its a hell of a lot better than 60F every day and no chance of fresh snow to bolster the skiing base a bit. I'm encouraged that at least there are prospects for snow.
Their snow total for the year is very low . They have little chance of reaching their historical average. Nothings worse than pulling into town and seeing the black dirt on Pepi's face and under the gondola at the bottom. I know its only 1/1000th of the skiable terrain , but it always bums me out.
Enough worrying about the conditions. There will be excellent skiing to be had somewhere on 5,000 acres of mountain.
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That's the spirit roundturns. You know I'm rooting with you for snow and cooler temps. I'm still hoping to meet up. I'll send you a pm with my cell#. I'm sure I'll have to entertain the family most of the time but I'm sure we can get together.
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Mammoth is in pretty good shape. We had about two weeks of warm weather, but that changed yesterday, and last night we got a bit of snow. Anyway, we still have a really deep base at Main Lodge,and will be skiing well into June.
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Coach by all means let's get together. We can egg eachother on to do something stupid or something.
I kind of roam around the mountain and I'm sure you will as well as there is so much terrain.
After lunch I normally go over to Riva Ridge - Tourist Trap and see how many laps I can do before I have to surrender to fatigue.I thin RR- TT is the Augusta of ski runs.
Your family will love Vail. I feel a little bad I normally go alone. As you know, its not an inexpensive vacation. But its one I promise will be memorable. I remember the first time I made it out. Reading the trail map out on the plane ,totally stoked. This year my 16 year old daughter said that if she went, she really was looking more forward to the shopping! I don't know where I went wrong.
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This sounds encouraging
From todays Summit Daily News
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That's the kind of news I like to hear Kim. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

[ March 26, 2004, 07:18 PM: Message edited by: Coach13 ]
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Aspen got 16" out of this last storm. The skiing turned around from the warmest I've ever seen to full blown winter. Skiing should remain pretty good for the rest of the season. I think they dodged a bullet.
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Colorado weather is always kinda wacky. One day a few years ago it went from 84 F to 30 F and started snowing in one hour in my backyard the last day in May.

Last Thursday it was warm and I and my students were swimming in the slush. Sunday was wildly different. Loveland got ~12" of freshies, it was cold, and it snowed all day. It was awesome surfing through that all day.
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Well decided on Utah, easy to get in and out, Alta and Snowbird have huge bases so even with all the warmth they still should be pretty good.
Thanks for all you input.
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