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Jackson Hole Report

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Skied JH on Saturday and Sunday. The Mt is in better shape than it has been in a few weeks, but off track still looks pretty trashed. Laramie bowl on Saturday was gravely with dirty snow at the top. The egg cartons leading to Grand off the Thunder lift were still rocky. Sunday morning was better with maybe five inches of new overnight. People (the snow reporters) are saying they skied the Hobacks. Not me just yet. Apres Vous slopes were ok were there had been snowmaking early in the season. Gros Ventre and the main gully off the Gondo were ok in spots and gravely and icey in other spots. Rendevous trail off the Sublette chair was in good shape. Still needs snow.
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Good to hear the Hobacks are skiable. Lots of time locals get so spoiled they won't ski stuff that vacationers try, and we lose out.

It's funny that on big dump days I'll see people sking that I never see any other time. After a number of years you recognize some of them and it turns out they just ski the prime days. I am not that jaded. I have however been in the Hobacks under awful conditions more times than I can count, so I am always wary.
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TH and Bob -
Thanks for the updates on JHMR. I will be making a first time trip out there next week, and I am hoping for more snow too. (Of course, it's all relative. Here in MN a big snow year is anything over 50-70 inches total. We were on track for a good year, with many little dumps of the lightest and fluffiest stuff you'd see anywhere, and all the resorts were quite happy. Then last week it rained all day on Thursday.)
Just wondering if I can pry a few secrets out of the locals (I know, it's asking a lot, but hey, take pity on a flatlander!) as to how/where to ski this mountain under different snow conditions - best groomers when the snow is sparse, best off piste when it's deep and light, which areas to hit in the am or pm, etc. Thanks in advance.
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Great report on JH. I've been sking it for 23 season and I learned a thing or two. Especially the entrance to the Hobacks, I think I stumbled onto it that way once, but mostly I'm so thrilled to be in the Hobacks I just follow the tracks.
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Wow. Thanks a lot for all the info and effort, Bob. I can see that this will be a new skiing experience for me. Fortunately, I have scheduled a couple weeks to hang out and learn tricks. You're post will be coming along with me!
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Yo Trouthead, Hey Bob ,
I have an opportunity to detour thru Jackson and get in some turns at JHMR on Sunday and Monday. The conditions sound not great but not bad, for now, but there doesn't appear to be snow in the forecast. Based on your experience there, will conditions warrant a trip thru on Sunday-Monday, or should I try later in the season?
Also, anyone know how GTarghee is holding up? Montana Horn, what's the word?
thanks guys
ps, unless you tell me its going to suck, I'll be there
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As of today JH has gotten maybe an inch of new all week. Weather report looks like it will be warming and sunny for the weekend. Jackson is worth a stop regardless, but the conditions certainly are not prime. If you like off track bumped up trails with rocks and shrubbery sticking up you can find it easily. Unless something changes soon it will be mostly a cruiser type of day.
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Thanks, Bob. Tremendous stuff. Will bring your suggestions with me to JH in mid-Feb.
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Thanks bob -- I'm headed to JH next week with my wife for our fifth anniv. (how'd I get so lucky that she loves to ski!) and will take your advice to heart. If it turns out to be a cruiser week, so be it and I promise to add a report on the best parts of our skiing day so that we can build on your great post.
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Bob - Thanks, and yes I pray for snow -- sounds like an east coast winter in JH. But that can change in a couple days! And if we end up having to go searching for wildlife (and not at the Mangy Moose) so be it - I'm sure we'll have fun!
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