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Ski Hostels

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With several topics addressing the question of hostels it might be worth while to check the following.
http://www.hostels.com/hostel.menu.html http://members.aol.com/thlodge/skiusa.htm http://members.aol.com/thlodge/skican.htm

it's best to check each of these sites. not every hostel is listed on either of these of course. i prefer to ski in the northeast. there are a number of places in vermont as well as a couple in new york state worth checking out. if there are any sites listing other inexpensive lodgings or some of your favorite places on the cheap. please post here. i prefer lake placid, a couple of hostels and a number of inexpensive places. there's the high peaks hostel, white sled bunk house or the st. mortiz.

all inexpensive and worth checking out.
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Great site. thanks
What is it like staying in a hostel?
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It has an atmosphere that is often like the week at summer camp when you were a kid. Most folks are real friendly because they chose the hostel to be around people. The big hurdle to get over is to find one that is built well enough and maintained clean enough that everyone feels comfortable. In the states, this can be a real problem, since there are some real dirt-bag places that will advertise themselves to be just like everyone else and when you get there it is a real pigpen. I have been told this occasionally happens in Canada, but the places I have seen up there seem to be better kept than the run of the mill hostels down here. It is probably a good idea to ask folks on a board such this what their opions are before you commit to any fixed agenda.
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I chased a couple of links. The spots "recommended" at Killington would be OK midweek or off-season but are jammed to the gills on weekends and holidays. Bring ear plugs. I suppose it's the same everywhere. When a ski dorm is fairly empty, it's quite pleasant. When it's filled to capacity with the typical mix of skiers, snowboarders, and partiers who are all on different schedules, you get what you pay for.
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I've found most hostels to be very comfortable and pleasant. the avenues in salt lake are close enough to downtown to make the stay interesting and you can catch the ski bus. they also keep their facility clean. i find that most people are pleasant and that many are courteous. the white sled bunk house in lake placid is very pleasant. each room has a key and four or six bunks. the bathrooms are clean and the kitchen is in good condition. they have a great tv. this tends to be at the top of the list though. many offer clean rooms, but don't expect too much else.
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I stayed at the ULLR lodge in Mammoth. Got what I expected - $24/night for a top bunk, locker that held my skis, roomie's cell phone ringing at night, clean bathrooms. I didn't get to mingle much due to a large group of people using the kitchen, so I went out. It was a good experience and I'd do it again. Also, saved at least $180 over motel prices for 2 nights.
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