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Fischer Big Stix 84 for AT?

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Now I'm thinking of getting this ski in a 181cm for Randonee? Anyone have experience with it? Lihgt enough? Will this be long enough for occasion resort skiing? How about touring?

I'm, 5'11", 185lbs, and expert level.

I do own the Mountain X right now for strictly resort use and use 191cm, and really like them, so that is one reason to stay with Fischer I guess? Any comments would be appreciated.

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I really liked the 186. One reason was the lightness: it felt like a smaller ski. I bet the 181 would be super easy to manuever and not a big weight to haul uphill.

Gonzo recently posted a site in Europe selling the 181 for pretty cheap.

I can't speak directly to your AT needs but I did like the ski and plan to take it cat skiing this weekend where I expct it to handle all conditions well.
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Yes, I just ordered some 181cm Big stix 84 with Diamir II bindings, and BD Ascension Skins. I'll use my walk featured Salomon Alpine boots for awhile, and then later maybe some Scarpa's. I may just use these at resorts all of the time too. It should be real fun on this size. Quicker, fatter, and more manueverable than my 191 Mountain X's. Thanks for all of your input. Oh I was going to go for the 10 ex because of all the reviews and light weight, but had a difficult time spending that much money. However, their is a site out of New Zealand (Good-Sports, Wanaka) that is selling them for 357.00 US but 150.00 for shipping. we were working on a deal-trying to get lower freight, but had trouble with e-mails etc. So I just went with a brand that I enjoy and not to mention the mounted Fritchi bindings at a good price too.
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If they ski anything like my Big Stix you are going to love them back country. The Big Stix 106 are pretty soft and really wide so they tend to get kicked around in junk. But even in some wind crusted untracked the tip just floats and cuts through the crust. Really stoked on these skiis so far.
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