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edited by ryan...

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I have done the drive to Winter Park and Copper from Boulder many times. Avoiding the so-called rush which is really a slow slog is highly advisable.

Your plan sounds like it will miss congestion. If you head to Breckenridge thursday or friday you should have no problems. But are you going to head back to Denver sunday after skiing at A-Basin?

If so, I-70 WILL be a traffic jam, unless you either get out early, say leave at 2 or not much later, or if you hang around and relax and head down late.

Good luck and have fun. Snow's been good at Copper and WP so it ought to be good for you in Summit County.
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thanks. no, we're up early and leaving monday. thanks. lookin' forward to this in a BIG way. <FONT size="1">

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Hey Ryan, yes if you’re really interested in Skiing Breck do it on a weekday. If you are staying at Keystone you can go over Swan Mtn Road to Breck and miss a bit of the traffic. Not a big Breck fan, but have not been there in a couple of years. So don't let me change your mind. Keystone will be busy on a Sat, but then so will everything else. Hopefully you will miss most of the spring break crowd. If you get on the hill early head back to the Outback. We take mineshaft over instead of Mozart, which can get a little crazy with lots of different skier abilities on it. We like the runs to the left of the lift. The Grizz, Bushwhacker. Northpeak we like ambush. It will get crowded around 10:00 then we head to the front till lunch then back to the outback when people are heading back. If the weather is nice in Denver the front rangers may stay here to play. Supposed to be 68 on this Sunday. I even thought about skipping skiing to come back to bike. I came to my senses though, lots of time to bike.

A-Basin on Sunday sounds good. You may even see us there! My friends went last Sunday got there about 11:00 by 2:00 most folks had left to fight traffic. We left Summit last Sunday around 6:00pm and had very little traffic. Nice thing is you can go over Loveland Pass to I-70 and miss the tunnel traffic.

Have a great time. Look for us on Sunday. Red Helmet, tan helly hansen jacket.
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i'm gonna see about the tix setup and look into copper (or somewhere else) over breck, but we'll see. thanks, too, for the Key gameplan.

blue pants (white at knees), darker blue coat, black boeri helmet (w/cat on front), salomon x-scream 9's.

i'll be lookin' around 4 ya.
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Kima-Any ideas what the weather supposed to be? I am heading out your way too and I need to get packing! When I go to I get different forecasts (for Vail anyway) so strange. Rain/no rain?? 40s, 50s, 60s???
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Check it out-so strange!

(I'll be there through Monday, thus the rain concern on 81657)

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The Vail Valley has been getting snow at night and rain in the lower elevations during the day. So far the snow conditions are still good, but it is "spring like" for sure. Dress in light layers and be prepared to take 'em off as the day goes on.
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Skiminker the forecast keeps changing. right now in Denver its sunny and warm, but snow predicted for tonite. I think this weekend should be good though watching the vail cams

We will most likely be at Beaver Creek on Saturday. No plans for Sunday.<FONT size="1">

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Thanks for the weather info. In the true fashion of a female, I gave up trying and packed everthing! Can't wait to hit it bright and early tomorrow morning!!

Thanks all~

Kima, do you think you might make it to Vail on Sunday?

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Skiminker have fun!! Sundays are always a toss up as to where we will be. May even try the skinny skis. (yes with the pooches, oh my!) If we are there you can usally find us at Blue Sky. red helmet, tan helly jacket.

Appears to be clouding up nicely-hope its snow
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I'll keep an eye out...I 'll be in a periwinkle jacket and black mtn. hardware pants. Would be fun to take a run w/you.
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Look, no skis!!!

(thanks, mr. b.)<FONT size="1">

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hey ryan, where do you think i could get some of those sweet pants like you got?
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That's goooood. Shoulda known a SuperHero like you'd resurface where I least want you to.

Hey. my first pair of ski pants, got 'em in an Aspen thrift store the day before my first day of skiiiinggkk a couple years ago. Kinda make me look faaaaaaaast, huh? (No real need to answer that, actually.)

Patrollers at Snowmass got a kick (laugh) out of 'em, too. "Those look like some fast pants." With me on my 160-something learning skis.
Guess I ain't one to sweat appearances or style too much.

All others, bring the flames!!!!!! <FONT size="1">

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hey, it looks like my lift ticket includes beaver creek and vail, either of which i'd rather ski than breckenridge.

any recommendations?
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I skiied Vail Saturday, Sunday and yesterday. SUPER MUSHY! Yesterday it was like water skiing! I have never skiied in anything like it. Definitely high on the entertainment factor!! Been skiing for 20 years, ski anything and ski it well and I felt like a beginner! Of course, when I left for the airport at 5pm yesterday, it was dumping a wet, but heavy snow and had been doing so for about 3 hours. Today should be fabulous.

Should you choose to go to Vail, snow quality-wise, it's worth the catwalk trek to Blue Sky Basin (worth taking a stop over to do a run down China Bowl too). The snow was really nice on Sunday. BUT Plan to be off the hill by 1:30 or 2pm as the slush will be up to your ankles. It was like skiing in a 7-11 slushie. SO bad that they are recommending you ride the Vista Bahn down at the end of the day!

Also, I rode the lift with some folks who had skiied at Beaver Creek on Sunday and they said it was in horrible shape.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for the info! hey, i'm a so-cal skier; i know my slush.
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Hey Skiminker was at Vail sat too. we had a great time. whats a little slush. spent most of our time in China and Siberia bowls. Skied A-Basin on Sun snow is in pretty good shape.
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Will keep an eye out @ A-Basin Sunday 4/8. (Just don't run me over )
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Kima, Skied A-basin saturday am and Skinniy skied @ keystone in the pm. Great snoe at the basin, but sloppy at Keystone nordic. Still had fun though. Maybe a Summit Bears Spring skiing day before the season ends? Anyone?


"Do not go gentle into that good night!
Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light!"
Dylan Thomas
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Kima, hmmmm, I almost got run over in China Bowl on Saturday, I wonder if it was you?

Sorry we missed each other. Wasn't Saturday awesome? It really doesn't get better than that!

I'll be back next winter since my brother lives in Vail. Hopefully we'll coordinate better then.

Oh, one question. When the snow is sooo slushy, what's the key? That was the most difficult skiing I can remember. I have never skiied in ankle deep mush like that and had a really tough time. Any suggestions? <FONT size="1">

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To all OK I will try and avoid you. But just in case helmets!

Bong looks like A-Basin on the 8th. I will be with some folks from out of town so plans could change but worth a try.

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Hee! Hee!
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Kima - Darn, schedules sure are tough to coordinate, I'm going to be in Crested Butte from April 5 through 8 with my SO. Just got her on skinny ski's and she loves it. Maybe later in the month with the Skicrazies, Hula, JC and others summit county bears?

BTW, any suggestions for getting her on alpine ski's, or is this a subject for another thread? I used to teach, but have more sense than to work with her myself. I noticed that Vail has a 3 day beginners special in April. Might be a good opportunity to start her in good weather if we can get her over her fear of height in the chairlift.

Bong <FONT size="1">

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Bong I am not the one to ask for gear advice. But on learning I would try Vail. For this reason. I too have a great fear of heights. The 2 chair at the Basin freaks me out. Wish they’d put a bar on it for me. At Vail most if not all the chairs have a safety bar, that really helps my comfort level.

I am sure we will have another day at the Basin after the 8th. Not sure today of our schedule but either the weekend of the 13th or 20th. Or perhaps we could sneak away mid-week. Will be at Keystone this Tuesday but skiing with a novice, I think we will be on the greens.

Off in a bit for Utah, 2 days of work then 2 days of fun! Glad that its snowing!
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gdubs, I think GART sports has some jeans with gaitors that you might like better.
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