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Montana ski areas

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My best friend is being transferred from Spokane to Vancouver, BC this upcoming summer. We decided that we need to go on a road trip this season hitting various podunk ski areas around Montana. Discovery & Lookout Pass are definites on the list. Turner would have been a definite but they took out the 2,200 vertical foot t-bar.

Among the mountains we are considering skiing are Turner, Maverick, Lost Trail, Showdown, Snowbowl, Marshall & Blacktail. Any comments or recommendations on these or other areas would be greatly appreciated.
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I can speak from one day at Lost Trail several years ago. It was refreshingly podunk. I liked skiing from Montana into Idaho. And I was there with locals who showed me some steepy deepy tree fun. And there was a brand new lift that opened that day...my brother and his father-in-law were the first "patrons" to ride it. They were psyched as John (from Wisdom) has been skiing there for a loooong time. I recently looked at their site on the web and the trail map shows a lift folks told me they might build. It goes up to a ridge that was hiking only when I was there. The terrain looks great. Lots of wild stuff. Hope that helps.
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Rio... check out Teton pass, up near Choteau. Supposed to be a lot like Lone Mountain but hard up against the Bob Marshall wilderness. http:\\skitetonpass.com

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Why did Turner take out the T-bar?
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I believe that Turner was taking out the t-bar because it was being replace with a chairlift.

As far as the Montana small resorts go, Discovery is a favorite. I used to ski there a lot when I lived in Missoula. The backside steeps are terrific when there is enough snow. Also, check out the cinnamon rolls in the lodge cafeteria. Can make a good ski day even better.
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Snowbowl in Missoula has amazing terrain and, when it gets good snow, it's hard to beat. There are runs of all types, and they don't do a lot of grooming -- maybe 30-40% of the mountain. The downside is that its good snow usually doesn't start until January. Their base is pretty skimpy right now. Their bar has good snacks, good beer, great bloody marys.

Lost Trail has fine snow and some fun runs, very friendly locals, and if you travel North on US 93 after skiing there, you can stop in the Homestead, on the west side of 93 just south of Hamilton. Fantastic food at the Homestead.

Lost Trail's newest chair (Chair 4) and its big terrain expansion will be open some time in early-mid January.
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Gonzo -

We are looking at going in late February or March when most of the ski areas should have decent coverage (unless we have another drought year). The timing means I will stop toying with ways to get to Fernie for the Bear gathering. On the other hand, if the trip turns out well I'm going to recommend a Montana road trip for next years Bear gathering.

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Rio, why not ski Snobowl on the way up to Fernie?
Can't miss the Fernie trip!
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JW -

Why don't you fly into the Gallatin airport head to 'Rent-A-Wreck' in Belgrade, pick up a 80's vintage full-sized Blazer or Bronco with a cracked windshield and go hopping around Montana ski resort on your way to Fernie with us. I guarantee you'll have a good time and definitely meet some memorable characters along the way (my frield has spent a couple decades roaming the backroads of Montana as a geologist so he knows where all the bars with character are).
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is your friend named Barwick?
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Rio--the Cracked Windshield tour sounds like a blast! If your dates line up just before or after Fernie, let me know. Meqanwhile, I'll dig aound in my closet and see if I can come up with a hunting jacket and Unabomber cap.
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