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Canadian Rockies Trip

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Hi all, this is my first post. What a wonderful forum. I was hoping to get some insight and opinions on the tenative plans for this years BIG trip. We are a party of 4 maybe 5 and plan on staying in cheap motels w/kitchenette. I have found several for around 40$us.
Day 1: Drive from Portland to Kamloops.
Day 2: Ski Sun Peaks,(compliments of Warren Miller) drive east to Golden and find some cheap digs. I have not heard too much about Revelstoke and KH looks soooo extreme. May have to toss a coin hehehe.
Day 3: Ski KH. Spend time arguing over another day at KH or drive to LL and feel cheated like we did for skiing only 1 day at Sun Peaks. Stay another night in Golden
Day 4: Ski LL, Drive to Banff
Day 5: Ski Sunshine Village, drive South on 93 and set up a short AM drive to Panarama. Where to stay??? City?? Cheap...
Day 6: Ski Panarama, crash their hot springs and drive back to the the cheapo motel.
Day 7: SLEEP IN!! REST! So glad Canada adds codine to their Tylenol Check out and drive to Rossland.
Day 8: Ski Red Mountain, drive back to Rossland and die.
Day 9: Drive to Duty free, stock up on Crown and limp on back to Portland.

Last year we did a Kelowna trip and skied the big 3 (Apex, Silver Star and Big White.) all on 2 for 1 coupons off a Pepsi box. Do any of the aforementioned resorts offer similar discounts?
Thanks in advance.
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Got2ski - Just time for a quick note.

You'll want to stay in Invermere, when skiing Panorama. There a Super 8, I believe, on the highway that should be reasonable. There's also the Invermere Inn, and a whole mess of places in Radium, BC. That's about 10 minutes up the road from Invermere. You'll pass through it on your way from Banff.

Enjoy your trip, sounds like a heck of a good time......
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Couple of thoughts. Panarama and Sun Peaks seem fairly tame choices compared to the others on your list. Fernie seems more in line. The Three Sisters motel in Fernie was inexpensive when I was there a few years ago.

Are you stuck on doing a big road trip? It is pretty tough to sample all the goodies at, say, Lake Louise in one day. Or Fernie or Sunshine, for that matter. (Haven't been to Kicking Horse, yet.)

Oh, and if cheap is really important, you might want to check out the hostel at Lake Louise. It was quite a few years ago that I was there but it was very clean and quiet--and just a few minutes from the hill.

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Thanks guys, just the kind of tips we like. We may have to alter the plans a little depending on the storms, and best pow.
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Let me know how KH works out.

I'm considering flying out in early to mid April and driving to Golden.

Also should we fly into Calgary and drive to Golden or fly elsewhere.

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Fly to Calgary and drive.

...Better make it real early April/late March. The bottom of Kicking Horse turns sour as soon as the warm-up begins. Unlike Sunshine Village, which retains a great late season reputation because you ski up high and ride the gondola back to the parking lot; Kicking Horse's lift system is undeveloped enough that you are committed to the bottom of the mountain on many of its upper runs.
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Originally posted by Got2ski:
Day 6: Ski Panarama, crash their hot springs and
We'll be skiing Fernie for a week in mid-March. What's this about hot springs crashing? Had a great night doing this at Steamboat years back.
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