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I ran into some members of the Canadian ski team over Christmas doing some training. One of them was on next years Head iSL. The ski is much wider at 118/64/101 in a 160cm. (2003's are 109/62/97) They were similar in graphics but with a dark green tint. The other significant thing was they were full 'chip' technology, meaning the signal to the 'intellifibers' is magnified 7x. I ski on the 2003 iSL and I'm not sure I can sense the benefit, but maybe you will on the 2004's. My guess is we'll see an increase in the side cut on all the super slaloms next year. The FIS is increasing minimum length to 165cm(men) and 160cm(women) for slalom. Manufacturers will probably respond by making them wider. Fischer has already been leading the way in this regard. I'm not sure they're going to be as versatile outside the course or at higher speeds, but we'll see.