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Best place for day trip from Boston area?

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I live in Newton, MA, and am planning a ski day with my kids this Sunday. It's the last day of Feb. break for Mass. and the first weekend of Feb. break for NH, so it may be crowded. For that reason, I'll probably skip Sunapee this time around, unless it's cold enough to scare off the crowds. (We went to Sunapee on a Sunday in Jan., and it was empty b/c it was really, really cold. Then we went again on Super Bowl Sunday thinking it would be empty with the Pats playing that night, and it was packed!)

I'm an intermediate skier (I do all the blue runs, and maybe one or two of the easier black runs), and my kids are learning. My 7 year old son skis with me and can keep up pretty well. My 5 year old daughter will take an all day lesson.

Since it's a day trip with kids, I'd like to keep it within the 2 hour range, each way. What are good options? From what I've seen so far, it looks like Ragged might be a good choice, or perhaps Gunstock. Are there any other good choices within our range? Any recommendations?

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Ragged. Have fun!
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I've never been to Ragged. Does it get less crowded on weekends than Sunapee?
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If you are going to drive 1:45 to Gunstock save yourself the time and gas and go to Wachusset. I recently drove to Gunstock and once in the parking lot turned around and headed for Loon. It's a small resort fine for after work skiing if you live in the area but I wouldn't drive almost two hours to ski it. It's to Manchester/Concord, NH what Wachusset is to Worcester/Boston.
Loon Mountain is always a good option and so is Cannon Mountain. Both are about 2 hours away at most.
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Hmmm...mapquest tells me that Loon is about 2.5 hours from me, whereas Gunstock and Ragged are both about 2 hrs. But I'm just going by zip code, so it may be imprecise.

I went to Gunstock around new year's and thought it wasn't bad. Certainly more snow than Wachusett at the time.
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If you like Gunstock it's all that counts. You don't have to listen to anyone else...
Frankly, I've always made it to Loon in 1:50 / 2:00 driving 65-70 miles per hour but since you are in Newton that might add a little extra time. I used to do it from the North End and now from Arlington... Loon is conveniant as it is right of I-93 maybe a mile from the exit. Gunstock is kind of a long venture after I-93.

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Waterville Valley. I'm with the group who feels that more vertical is worth a little extra driving--hence Loon or Waterville.

Also, if you call Sunapee from the road, they'll tell you how crowded the lots are at that moment--kind of cool.

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Ragged would be less crowded for sure, but I think the hills up north are going to get snow instead of mix tomorrow. A speed run to Cannon might do the trick?
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