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The Truth on Heavenly

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I am looking for the facts on Heavenly. Where are the traverses and flat areas everyone cries about?? Can someone point these out to me on the trail map?? How often do they come into play?? Back here in the East Heavenly is a name that fits right in with all the other big resorts out West. I can't believe it is all that bad considering the views and the vertical drop and the amount of Intermediate Cruisers. Also, the intown gondola seems really cool and convenient. Talk to me about the lift system and flat areas. I want to hear the good and the bad about Heavenly. Thanks.
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The flats and traverses are all over the mountain but I think the reason it has been getting this reputation is because boarders hate it since they have to walk instead of skating and planting. There are also numerous bottlenecks especially at the end of the afternoon when everyone is trying to get back to the California side. California Trail on the state line looks as bad as most North Carolina resorts (that is not a stretch of the truth). It's as much fun skiing around sprawled out beginners/intermediates who litter the trail as it is skiing gates. Yes, they have very nice cruisers, great tree skiing, good views (as most do), high speed lifts, and tons of intermediate tourists from all over the world. Gunbarrel and The Face will kick your butt if you choose to ski them at the end of the day instead of catching the tram with most others. The good news is the lift usually stays open later for those who still have their legs. The other big gripes about Heavenly are the lack of snow (as compared to N. Shore and Kirkwood) and the lack of lift served open bowl skiing. Mott and Killebrew Canyon are very good expert only areas. You definately won't wait long in that lift line. But in my opinion, Heavenly is overated and is probably best for families and intermediate skiers. There are better choices. Will I go back to Heavenly? Sure, but only if I am able to ski Squaw, Sugar Bowl, Alpine and/or Kirkwood on the same trip.
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It's not that you're going to be really disappointed at Heavenly Valley; you're going to be a bit disappointed [img]smile.gif[/img] . In my arrogant opinion, it's a place that's highly over rated by people who either haven't skied there or who haven't skied much anywhere else. I only skied there a couple of times and it seemed like all I could find was a bunch of mogul patches linked together by beginner trails; a combination that doesn't make much sense. And, yes, I went down the famous "Gun Barrel". Also, at least one of the cat tracks that you might have to take are sloped the wrong way only because, when they were layed out during construction, they weren't sloped the right way so you have to pole to get down the mountain! I would say that you won't regret going there but the Tahoe area has much much better to offer for your money. I read all of the responses to your original query and found very little to disagree with except for the one extolling the virtues of Heavenly Valley. Heck, go there and find out for yourself; it's not going to be a total loss; they do have snow there.
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Gondola up to mid mountain, then Tamarack Express, to get to the Nevada Side. Explore California side during the mid day using Ski Express. Get back to the Gondola at the end of the day.

Most resorts have several flat areas (Or places you need to pole to get past it) even Alta. Hevanly is no better or worse.

However, Stay away from the fire trail going back down the mountain at the end of the day on the California side. Take the chair lift back down if you get stuck there.

Last year I skiied Heavenly 5 different times. Liked all of it except the end of the first day when we took the fire trail down. Never again!
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I've skied the Tahoe area about once or twice a year for the last five years. Mostly in the spring. I skied Heavenly on closing day the year before last, and the new tram was great. However, Heavenly was a real disappointment after seeing it from the North end of the lake for many years and wanting to try it.

I'd recommend Sugar Bowl, Squaw, Alpine, over Heavenly. If you're in the east and coming west I'd recommend Salt Lake, Colorado, or Jackson/Targhee over Heavenly though. It also recommend Mammoth for late spring skiing as long as you only ski on the weekdays. Stay clear on the weekend. Mannoth is one of the two best late spring skiing hills in the nation.

Just my thoughts.
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There are two Heavenly Valleys. There's the one with the marked trails, and there's the rest of the terrain. The marked trails are wide, well groomed, and boring. The rest of the terrain can be quite fun when the snow conditions are good.

When I ski Heavenly, I only ski the marked trails to access the unmarked terrain. I can ski top to bottom and hardly touch a single trail. You might have to shove your way through a few tight spots or take your skis off and walk over a few rocks, but accessing the good terrain is worth the effort.

With good snow conditions, I can spend 5 days at Heavenly and not get bored. And with my $199 midweek pass (thank you, Vail Inc.), I plan to spend some more days there this season.

If you dont' mind doing some "adventure" skiing and are comfortable in the trees, Heavenly can be a blast. Explore!
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