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3 seasons of hard skiing or around 150 days sounds right. i had some lange l10 race fit that lasted 3 seasons but previous tecnica icons that lasted barely 2 seasons. in a race boot the liner is so thin and the shell so thick that it has no where to pack out, so the fit will last considerably longer. if you have an intermediate/advanced boot with a cushy liner itll get packed out after a season, then after season two itll be thin and hard with sweat. plus youre gonna be flexing it a lot more than a plug boot so youll be deforming the shell a lot more. from what ive seen, the most important thing is buckling your boots at all times. itll keep your liner from gettin shafted and your shell in shape.
1) you'll look like one of "those people" who carries their skis sideways like and crossed with buckles hanging everywhere
2) the plastic will lose its shape and flex differently than they should, its like the shirt that was sitting in the corner of your dorm room for all four years of college
3) common sense!

a real good 3rd party liner - Strolz. they make completely customized boots, from the actually shell to the cuff and even the buckles, but you can also just get the liners. ive seen a lot of racers (even wc level) who have a lange or nordica shell and strolz liners. worth checking out.

MammothMtnDreamerInJapan you probably already know this but the xt17 and 24 arent different boots, they just have a different cuff, which you can pick up from tecnica for about $70 (or less w/ no buckles). they also make 27 (29?)cuff made for wc, and 4mm and 6mm lifters.
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I recommend a service life of 150-200 ski days. For the average ski professional this should mean new boots every other year. Elite athletes may get 2-3 boots per year, some more, some less. A well made orthotic should outlast 2-4 pairs of boots.

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Like Kneale Browson, I also have had my Langes L10 for 4 or 5 seasons, e.i. around 400 days. They are now somewhere near the end of their lifecycle. The problem is with the shell suffering from exposure to sunrays (I do much skiing in spring and summer on European glaciers) and threatening with cracks (some small ones already occurred in the instep area but I could find out early enough and cat the plastic away. But don´t want to end up like the skier mentioned here earlier with some serious injuries.)
Keeping shoes buckled when stored is extremely important. Also, I try not to take off the boots too stiffened by cold (hair-dryer for extremely cold days, or simply waiting in a warm room).
There are exceptions. Tecnicas seem(ed) rather liable to crack, OTOH, there´a friend of mine in Austria, a former Worldcup racer, who last winter still had her 9-year-old Raichles with maybe 800 days or so. But she´s a technical and very lightweight person.
One of the problems in keeping boots older than 3 years: as recognized, even high-performance boots got softer in flex recently. Some 5 year-or-so old boots might be too stiff for optimal technique on today´s skis. Which is a widely discussed problem here.
I´m replacing the boots now (LR 1).
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