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Rocky Mountain Rock Paranoia

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I moved from MN to CO. In MN the runs are short enough they can get their base after a few days of man made snow. There aren't as many big rocks and there is usually a contest to see who can open first. I haven't had the "rock problem" in MN like I have had here.

Ok, I've only been out three times to Monarch. Their supposed to get 300" of snow annually, but there is only a 31" base and not much snow lately, the sun seems to do a number on the snow also. I try my best to avoid the rocks, but after every outing it has been Ptex and file time. Bought a new file this year and will have to replace it again soon.

It seems that Breckenridge/Vail have been getting the snow this year. Any "rock issues" at Breckenridge or Vail? I might have to make the longer drive and spend more money ($25 with Gold C coupon at Monarch) to avoid the "rock action." I probably won't go back to Monarch until they get another 6 inches of base (please snow, please, please, please).

Are the rocks "typical" of CO skiing? Should I resign myself to the idea of having to repair my skis after every time out?

Please advise. Thanks.
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Thats a really, really funny post.
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If you liked Monarch and what a small area likes to offer try Wolf Creek. It is just a couple of hours South . Currently there are rocks, mostly stumps actually, only on the steeper black bump runs. All I've done to my bases this year is wax and sharpen edges.
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Get a par of cheap rock skis until it snows.-----Wigs
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CO ski areas aren't big into snow making, so
in a bad snow year (such as this one), rocks
are going to be omnipresent, particularly in the steeps. I doubt there's currently any very steep terrain in CO that isn't rocky.
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