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Jiggle the handle

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Just saw an interesting article on how to gauge real time tourism density for a particular area like say Summit County, CO
You can measure the flow rate of the sewer system.
So, Summit County Commissioners have asked local plants to provide that data since everyone here in vacationland is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the numbers.

So, don't forget to jiggle the handle when your visiting. And you nature boys out there -- no peeing in the woods this season.
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actually Pinhed that is the way a lot of buildings measure the "traffic flow". By the sewage flow. Sounds strange but I think ongoing studies have shown that it is quite an accurate gauge.

another interesting way of measurement for a different thing is how do you check to see if an odometer on the car has been turned back? Count the dings/pits on the windshield. (assuming the glass has not been replaced or "polished" using some sort of glass polisher) the pits per square inch relates to how many miles the car has been driven. I don't remember the formula but it's a pretty good and accurate check..
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Not to be gross, but does this measure skier traffic, or how bad the on mountain food is? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Or is it a measurement of how many snowsportsters ate Mexican last night!

Is the flow In New Mexico higher per capita than more northern states?

Maybe it's a good thing more Texans don't ski.
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