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Grand Targee help needed

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We were going to Mammoth but changed our minds and have booked air into Idaho Falls so we're skiing Targee/Jackson Hole from 26th Dec thru Jan 4th this year coming up. Question ? Have reservations at a place 8 miles from Targee. Should we stay at Jackson? Thought we'd ski 4 days at Targee and 2 at jackson then one day snowmobile thru Yellowstone. Is there enough dining at Targee for the week or should we just stay at Jackson and drive to Targee ? Have heard the snow that time of year is "almost" a guarantee at Targee. How is the drive from one place to the next??? Thoughts???? THANKS!! :
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Both places offer great skiing. Nightlife at GT is however pretty much non-existent. A handful of places to eat in Driggs. I like renting the houses in the Driggs area and skiing Targhee, making the 45 minute or so drive over to Jackson for a few days. The houses in Driggs are very nice and very affordable, but if you want dining choices and nightlife, I would stay in Jackson honestly. You can do the drive yourself or take the bus that runs between the two...the Powder Express or something like that.

For me it's a tough choice, JH is sweet, but the pow at GT can blow it away at times. My last trip there was 1st week of Dec. JH was closed and still green at the bottom while GT 100% open and we had over 8 feet of fresh dumped on us. Oh, and definitely do the snowmobiling, it's legendary there. Check out the Lodge at Togodee Pass on the way up to the park. You can rent unguided snowmobiles for the day there and the trail system is very well marked (map provided), no need for a guide if the weather is good. You can ride an easy 125+ miles in a day and run across only a handful of other riders.

If you want to be more central to both mtns and the snowmobiling, JH again would be the place to stay.
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How long is the drive from Driggs to GT? Is there a shuttle? I take it there's no homes, per se, at GT itself? I did a cursory look a few weeks back (also considering interior BC) and it seemed like you had to go with a lodge or a B&B. We're 5 couples and some whippersnappers and need 5 bedroom digs.
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If you blink you'll miss Driggs...its pretty tiny. I don't recall very many places to stay there. We drove to Targhee to ski one day...(we stayed at Jackson) They had not had snow in like a week and we found powder in places.....I could only imagine how awsome this place would be on a powder day. Most of the day I could count the number of people on the same lift as me...the crowds were non-existant....you'll have a blast
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Originally posted by Aaron:
How long is the drive from Driggs to GT? Is there a shuttle? I take it there's no homes, per se, at GT itself? I did a cursory look a few weeks back (also considering interior BC) and it seemed like you had to go with a lodge or a B&B. We're 5 couples and some whippersnappers and need 5 bedroom digs.
Check out www.grandvalleylodging.com Liz has some great homes for rent. Even if it's 15-20 miles from GT, you can make it in 20 minutes. The area around GT is very spread out, but trust me, there's no traffic...ever...anywhere...even on a powder day [img]smile.gif[/img]
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One thing to consider if staying in Jackson, is the fact that you have to drive over a pass to get to Targhee. It has been my experience that they close the pass a bit more often than other passes. Usually if it closes overnight, it won't open again until mid-morning or noon. And obviously, the days it closes are the best powder days..
Just something to keep in mind.
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stayed in Driggs a couple of years ago in Feb - (there is both a super8 and comfort inn on the outskirts - from memory) and will echo the other comments re targhee as I was there on a Friday and just used the whole day as powder practice, picking off different lines with each pass. next day (another foot dropped) went to jh and queued (40 mins on a powder Saturday) for the tram and the place was skied flat in 1.5 hours - but the terrain pretty much knocks targhee flat! Also, it can be known as Grand Fogee as the cloud builds up on that side of the Tetons alot more than jh.

also, interesting driving challenge to targee as the approach road was rutted ice for the last 3/4 of a mile or so. great fun in a non 4x4.

2 - 3 well priced restaurants in Driggs but nothing compared to the eclectic choice - good thai + fusion places - (hey, its a tourist ski town) in jackson.

have fun.
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The GT folks have some condos about a third of the way from Driggs to the mountain. The bad news is you have to drive to Targhee or to Driggs for anything - food, gear, whatever. The good news is that you can get a nice, clean, very modern 3 bedroom condo for a very reasonable price (stay the week for what a night in Deer Valley would cost - & I'm only stretching the truth by a little bit). All GT stay/ski packages apply. I have not used it, but there is supposedly a shuttle bus available from the condos. Worth asking about. A rental car buys more flexibility if you are comfortable with snowy/icy rutted roads.

While Targhee may not have all the monster terrain of JH, they do have great variety from gentle open slopes & easy glades to cliff jumping. Personally, I kind of like the small town easy going feel of Driggs too.

You may also want to do the search thing. Lots of prior discussion on this topic last year & earlier this year.
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Agree with the Grand Foghee comment. I was only there twice and both times were vertigo-inducing whiteout conditions. (And I've skied Whistler/Blackcomb.) From the tops of the lifts, you had to go a bit to hit the trees (for depth perception), plus they weren't all that thick (again for depth perception). Lot's of relatively easy fun stuff to hit real hard - once you can see where you're going. No crowds whatsoever. The drive from Jackson wasn't too bad both times.

Believe they have cat operations for more advanced terrain - weather permitting. From the brochure, incredible views of the Grand Tetons. I think I may have had an hallucination of them in the fog.
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