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Aspen/Highlands TR

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I showed up to the line at about 8:00 am and was about 40 back. I didn’t recognize too many, lots of boarders. They started loading at 8:30. Passed about 20 on the traverse to Loge chair, still about six chairs back. Fourth person into Sodbuster and about the fourth back to Loge chair. Dropped upper Meadows, No Name, Deception and the Wall before starting the hike to the Bowl.

The Bowl had the most people in it I have ever seen and there were still fresh tracks to be had. Stopped at Steep and Deep on the first trip and then caught the rope drop at 12:30 into the G Zones. North Woods was DEEEP. Finished the day on Oly Bowl.

Dinner at the Steak Pit is always good, mostly the same crew, but I miss Henry, RIP. I heard about the party at the Caribou, but just didn’t have the gas. In bed by 10, heard the drunks walk pass the house at 2:00am. Heard the next day I missed a rager. Oh well, there will be another one next week.

Sunday was clear and warm, but the wind was already clock’n in at 25. So we caught the first bucket on Aspen Mountain. 2” of fresh over perfect corduroy on Copper with freshly tuned GS boards. I was in heaven.

The wind increased all day, closing all the upper lifts at Highlands and Snowmass. We road walk on Gondies, all day, in comfort. The face was blown flat and the snow was creamy. About 2:00 the Gondy started running real slow because of the wind, so it was time to hit the B/C. The backside was deeeep, all the tracks from previous week were obliterated by the wind loading.

Killer dinner at Campo, several bottles of vino. I was in bed by 10 again. Oh well, there always next week.

The storm rolled in about midnight. Snowplows woke me to 3 inches at 2:00am. 4 by 3:00, 6 by 4:00, sleep is hopeless. 10-12 by 7:00 and still coming down.

I arrive at the Gondola at 8:15 and only have the dogs in front of me. By 8:40 there are 100 people in line and I know most of them. I catch 2nd gondy with Greg Hanle and Matt Ross and know I have to bring my A game. The race , “Face to six”, was on.
The snow on Face was a little windblown, but the snow off of six, was deep and soft.

The wind had done a number on some of the slopes so we decided to head to the backside until the windblown had been skied a little. We hit chest deep on Rock Gully. Harris’s was sick deep and over the head. It took us 1-½ hours to break trail out with three feet fresh.

After the cab ride back to the Gondy, everyone bailed happy. I rode solo buckets, just bombing the crud runs. No bumps, just big piles of fluff. God was it good to be home!
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And, yet there are people who still say Colorado sucks.

What a bunch of jerks huh?
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