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Snowcats with Winch

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I hear Squaw grooms some real steep terrain with winch equipped snowcats?? I love that type of skiing!! Also, does altitude sickness become an issue for easterners skiing in the Tahoe Region??
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I don't think the altitude would effect someone in good shape. I ski at 6-9 thousand feet and don't feel any effects until 11-12 thousand feet. At 14 thousand feet I can really feel the effects. When I skied the Tahoe area I felt no ill effects at all. Except from maybe the night before.
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i have skied colorado + gotten headaches a few times, but skied heavenly with no problems and the peak at heavenly is the base elevation of a lot of colorado resorts.
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Val d'Isere does some grooming with Ratracs (sp?) held by cables.

I've walked up above 3000m and really felt the altitude, but have skied down from 3400 without any problems. Drink lots of water.
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It's a bit off-topic from your question, but if you really want to experience winchcat-groomed ski runs, put Snowbasin (in Utah) on your list.

Grizzly run (the Men's 2002 Olympic Downhill/Super-G course), has five different sections that had to be winch-catted. They had THIRTEEN winch-equipped cats preparing the runs for the Olympics.

It was wayyyy cool.

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Here at Mammoth they groom "Cornice Bowl" all the %$%#!time! What a joke! They should rename it "Punter Bowl" They groom it after just about every storm. Sometimes, they groom Scotty's too. I hate how they have ruined so much good skiing. Hell, here in the Eastern Sierra, the wind does a better job buffing the snow, than any snow cat. Oh well, you would proably love it quadride. It is pretty steep, and would be solid advanced terrain, if it were not groomed. Of course, this means it is covered with "advanced intermediates" quite a few of whom end up taking a really long slide. It was much safer when you had to drop in, and there was only nature's grooming. Now, people get inside, and fall the whole way, often taking someone else with them. It is very entertaing on a Saturday morning.

By the way, much more terrain is winch catted, than you might expect. Especially in low snow years, they can pull snow off of flat sections, and up onto steeper areas that get really scraped. Many steep blues get winched here.
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Of course, this means it is covered with "advanced intermediates"

Ah, the Cornice Bowl Slalom course!
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"Of course, this means it is covered with "advanced intermediates" quite a few of whom end up taking a really long slide"

I don't mind having skiers of lesser ability around but what really DRIVES ME NUTS!! is when they cut a traverse just below the cornice so the cornice jump is RUINED!! and they don't accomplish anything for themselves. If they can't ski down the slope, they should ski where they can! AAAARRRRGH!!!
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Damn! I thought he said snowcat with a Wench,and I was all set to book a trip.
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