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Hotel/condo question

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Any possible way to find a room for around $100/night during march 14-18 for Breck or Keystone??
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Villagenut, it is going to be tough at that time, but since your looking at Sun- Thursday you may have a better chance. A couple of places to look are http://denver.craigslist.org/vac
you might post your request there as well. Another resource is http://cf.summitnet.com/lodging/vacationmail.cfm you can fill in your budget and see if anyone responds. You will however get a number of auto repsonders that may not be of help at all, but it is worth a shot.

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Try vrbo.com, then click on map of Colorado. Under Colorado listings look under Summit County or Keystone or Breck. Can get some really good deals renting directly from owners!
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I am aware of that site. My wife wanted us to go through that site the last time we were there. I talked her out of it for fear of the unknown. By your reference, i take it that it is a reputable site?? Have you rented through that site??
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Though you asked Jim I throw in my .02. I have used vrbo.com in the past both for finding a condo and advertising our condo. The site is for folks wanting to rent thier condos themselves. I much prefer to rent direct from owners rather than through an agency. You get to see the unit you are renting. Typically the cost is much less. The only advantage to renting from an agency is if there is a problem they may be able to move you. For me I have rented numerous times direct from owners and never have had a problem. I no longer have our unit on Vrbo only because there are so many condos that I felt ours got lost.
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Thanks for your feedback. You responded to a couple of my questions concerning Keystone for our thanksgiving weekend vacation and you were very helpful. Keystone over Thanksgiving was my families first ski trip and we have truly fell in love with the sport. We are trying to put together a budget minded trip for my sons spring break march 15-19. We are looking at maybe leaving on the 13th and returning on the 17th or 18th. We live in Arkansas. We would love to fly again but it's just so darn expensive, especially when you tack on the rental car. We are considering driving but it's 17-19 hours from our home. Maybe you(or anyone else reading this post) can offer some money saving tips...
also, If we do manage to get there over spring break, are the crowds at breck and keystone really as bad as people say??
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Glad I could help. You might look into some of the smaller areas, Durango, Crested Butte if you are driving, and maybe New Mexico. They are likely to be less crowded. I do not know those areas at all so cannot help with lodging suggestions. It has been my experience that Breck is more crowded than Keystone though both will be very busy at that time. Another small place to look at is Ski Cooper, it is a quiet little area but with enough to keep beginners interested but no real night life in Leadville.

If you are set on Summit County you can wait and see if anyone has space last min that they would rent to you for less. The towns of Dillon, Frisco and Silverthorne will be less than at the resorts proper.

The only other site that I know of is http://www.skigolfvacations.com that sometimes has good prices.
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