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Alta, where to ski

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Heh, and I wont be surprised if people don't want to give up their 'secret' stashes, but I'm just kinda curious.

I've skied there prolly 10 times, so I'm pretty familiar with it, but I really don't know where the stashes are.

I'm talkin about where to go a few days after a storm to find the best snow...

I also know it's kinda hard to explain on paper...maybe one of you guys could give me a short tour next winter...
Thanks much guys.
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Originally posted by bicyclekick:

I also know it's kinda hard to explain on paper...maybe one of you guys could give me a short tour next winter...
Thanks much guys.
I'll show you a "few" spots, but not my secrets, because, well, they are a secret. So next time your out here, lets say, the Bear's Gathering, look me up. Bring powder boards.

Also, I hear that other mountains hold snow longer than Alta, consider that, the stashes may be easier to find. Solitude would be a great expample, as would Powder Mountain and Snowbasin.
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Yeah, I absolutely loved snowbasin. Talk about old stashes. Holy shit, the whole moutain was a stash, I couldn't believe it. Too bad their was a nice half inch of crust on top, so for the first time in my life, instead of looking for a stash, I would look for something that had been skied, as the snow was good after it got chopped up...

I've skied brighton a few times and enjoyed it, although never solitude.

I'm not a real big fan of snowbird, I wouldn't be surprised if I never skied there again. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've never had decent snow there, but whatever...

When is the bear's gathering?

I wish I could be flexible with my schedule, but I can't skip college, so I'll probably be going the first week in january.
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The problem with Snowbasin (and Park City, Deer Valley and the Canyons) is the slightly lower elevation and exposure, resulting in less than ideal snow conditions at times. The Basin can seriously JAM after a new snowfall though, with Pow for all, so plan accordingly. If it's been slightly warm, don't go; stick to the Cottonwood Canyons.

Solitude has Honeycomb Canyon, which is really just one big stash. Traverse 'till you find a fresh line. Or ski the trees. All of the trees on the mountain. Or, find a gated area and enter it for the best snow. Ski in the woods close to the area boundary skier left of the skier-most-left chair.

Good snow can be found at Alta all over the mountain, but especially off of the high traverse, plus any of the hikeable areas like Devil's Castle or Catherine's Area to name a few. Ski the woods on the skier's left side of the mountain, left of the Collins and Wildcat lifts. Altaskier can fill you (and me) in on more secrets hopefully.
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While I disagree with Jaws about snow off the High Traverse, unless you head all the way out or drop into the other side of the ridge, I do agree with other things he stated.

Is this what your looking for?

'Cause I think I can show you the right direction.

I'd be happy to show you some lines. Will barter for beer. Don't expect all secrets revealed

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Yeah, altaskier, that's by Alf's high rustler, no?

I think that's what I remember reading awhile back on the picture of the day caption...

of course I have every one of them for the past year and a half or two years, i can't remember which...

Yes, that is the kind of spot I'm talking about.

If for some reason I'm not with a person over 21 (i'm 19) I'll pay you to buy the beers [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Beers for secrets, sounds like a deal to me...
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I doubt I will reveal any secrets (people have died for less there)
but I'll show you around.
depending on where & how you ski we will see...

DAYS after a storm forget about it,
Solitude or powdermountain.

but like all resorts all over look in the trees & be willing to billy goat a bit & the next day you may find some.
plus alta gets wind affected like no place else I have been so if you use your head you can fnd reblown fresh.
drop a line when you get closer in & bring or rent some phatties.
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Ski the woods on the skier's left side of the mountain, left of the Collins and Wildcat lifts
Yeah, that's where I spent almost the entire day 2 years ago when there was nasty sleet and wind...
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bikekick, I pulled that from the Alta web page, looks like Wildcat or Eagle's Nest to me. Not sure though, its snow, and I want some now!

Like Matt said, revealing secrets of others can get you killed. It is only something you do with people you ski with on a regular basis. If you want to learn the really good ones, move here, and get in good with some locals. I'll show you some goods, places that I love, but don't count on everything!
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Why not take a different approach. Don't worry about stashes of untracked. With fat skis, the tracked up stuff is almost as much fun as the freshies. Especially on a mountain with no snowboarders. You can get more than twice as many runs in if you avoid hiking, and since your time is limited, that may be more valuable. Besides, you can usually get quite a few first turns in a crud field if you hug the trees or rocks. And if you are up to it, go in the trees. Again, without snowboarders, the snow stays nice in there all day.
But the best thing to do on a powder day at Alta is take a lesson so you can cut the line. Makes a huge difference because of their slow lifts.

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Yeah, i was just looking at when the bear reuninion thing is, and I highly highly doubt I'll be able to make it on the 25th.
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I have 3 words for you ryan...just 2.

I hate you.

Ok, I'm just jealous, but hey, jealousy brings hate....

haha, how much fresh you get?
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I need a scanner bk, I need a scanner, or a digital camera.

Two years ago, off the Supreme lift I dropped into my run and hit a drift after a huge storm in April. Yes, April. When I hit the drift, I went through it, and under the top. The pow was over 7 feet deep and I carved a bridge through it. I stopped and looked back at it and the top of the drift was left untouched with my tracks coming out of it. How's that for a face shot!?

Here are some more from sites around the web. TeHe...

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Well altaskier, if you send me your pictures I'll gladly scan them in for you and then send them back.

I doubt you'll trust me with your pics, but I will do it if you'd like.
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AltaSkier, what's this guy about to drop into?

Germania chair. Sunshine AND falling snow.

[ July 12, 2002, 12:47 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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I'm the second blip to the right of the trees right in the middle. You can see me better in the full one. This was 3 winters ago, in march. I'll see if I can dig up some more pics

Full image -
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Originally posted by ryan:
AltaSkier, what's this guy about to drop into?

You want me to comment about clothing style or location?

Looks to me like he's in the Germania area, just to the skier's left of Spring Valley, but not quite to Mambo, exact run name I am unsure. Nice little shot there, wish they would pull that fence in the background, you could really launch off that knoll there, but if you didn't know what was there, you would be in trouble with excess speed. Not very steep there, so not sure if he is "droppinginto" anything, just rounding his turns. Thats Baldy in the background. Looks like they hadn't gotten any fresh snow in a bit as well, even if that area does get tracked out quickly.

Here are a few that I pulled from the website. Its a slow day around here. Had to steal them from the website, but they are good ones!

Yes, there really was that much snow!

I took the following Tuesday off work and had what truly was, an epic pow day. There were some of the biggest cliff hucks I have ever seen that day, people were going BIG...

I really need to go skiing.
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Ok, I'll post some of my favs, all borrowed from Astropax

Catherines area

One of my favs (don't know where it is) I love the moon in the background...

Nice lookin pow and trees

My favorite scenery pic ever


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This is pretty sweet!

And one of my favorite areas, gets little compared to the rest!

Great site!
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Wow, great pics.
Lemme at it!

I think I just extended my Utah trip a few more days...
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Yeah, altaskier, I'm kinda surprised you haven't seen them before...

astropax ROCKS. It helps me deal with not being at alta...
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Originally posted by bicyclekick:
Alta, where to ski?
Sorry Bicyclekick, I ain't sayin nuttin about this in a public forum. I got warned the other day, and I need my kneecaps...
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Matt, I forgot to tell you the other day that my Toronto trip doesn't match up with yours. I'll be there a week after you. That would have been fun. We prolly could have even found a karaoke bar.
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