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Aspen Lift Tickets

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Would anyone have suggestions on getting some sort of discount on Aspen lift tickets, if such an animal exists for Aspen.
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I can get you 2 50% off tickets for $10. I think the going rate is $68 per day.

That would be $39 per day for two days of skiing on any of the 4 Aspen Mtns.

Other than that I don't know where discount tickets are sold.

mail to my registered address with epicski.com or send to thexcop@excite.com

I have the tickets in hand. When are you trekking out here?
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Move to Aspen and go work the American Skiing Company. Can't beat employee passes.
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BV, if DV is short for Deer Valley, is BV short for Beer Valley?

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It is actually. But unfortunately it's just a lot of wishful thinking. I've been in search of the mythical shangri-la for years but yet to find it.
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