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The snow was good as far as being at least mostly natural snow was falling the entire time I was there, but it was so tracked and crowded that just about every run was covered in bad moguls. I like a good mogul as much as the next man, but it takes a vivid imagination to make these good moguls.
Wasn't too happy with the lift system, especially the part about every major lift being a double. I don't care how fast they run, if you don't put something out besides doubles, there are going to be some long lift lines.
The trail layout was nice, but I didn't appreciate the Black terrain being closed after dark. That significantly lowered the fun factor.
The staff was atrocious. Nothing like misjudging the speed of a chair, having it bump you on the hip hard as you're trying to load, then having the next chair literally thrown at you by the lifties because they actually had to do something for their $5.50 an hour. The unloading areas are nothing short of harrowing. The flat part where your skis initially touch the snow is about the size of a postage stamp, and it funnels into a 4 foot wide wooden ramp which leads down to safety if you survive the 45 degree down pitch during which you are usually accompanied by somebody on their first lift ride. Brush up on your body dodging skills if you're visiting this place.
Ski Patrol's work consists of jumping through the already too long lift lines so that they can get up the hill, park in the middle of the slopes and blow whistles at any skier going "too fast" no mater how under control they may be.
All in all, you'd better believe in God and pray to him to save your soul skiers, because Sugar Mtn is hell on earth, verbatim.