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skadi - snow

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Skadi, cannot tell you anything about the snow at Whistler, but after 4 days of sunshine it has started to snow at Big White.
Hopefully it will continue all night.
But what I can tell you, is that a bad days skiing in Canada is better than a good day in Oz.
Have fun and enjoy.
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Thanks for the info, hope you're having a blast.

If I were to read between the lines tho it sounds like conditions could be better, still i bet you're having a better time than me.

You sure I don't know you, you sound soooooo familiar?
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skadi, 14cms fell that Wednesday night and the sun shone the next day. There was a que for the lift at 8:15am.
The locals are all complaining what a terrible year. That we should be so lucky. Had a great time. Would recommend it.
Back at work, it all seems a distant memory. (travelling for 30 hours does not help.)
Have a great time.<FONT size="1">

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