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sugarloaf this weekend

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I'll be heading up to sugarloaf this thursday for a weekend of skiing. How are things there? Got any reccomendations on what trails to hit/ whats the best? Any other tips? How much snow do they need to get for their 'snowfields' area to open? Also, anybody have a pipe/park report?
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I haven't been there yet this year but I can safely say that it is probably windy and cold.


I personally like Hayburner and Narrow Gauge.

Everytime I go some of the lifts are closed so I have not tried all of the terrain.

Definately stop in the Bag & Kettle and get a bag burger. Their pizza and cheesburger soup are also good.

Hit the Super quad very early and then avoid it like the plague on the weekends.
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Originally posted by Scalce:
cheesburger soup are also good.

Good doesn't do the Cheeseburger soup justice - it's great. Scalce is biased b/c he likes cheeseburgers more

Sugarloaf is my favortie mountain - they have a wide variety of terrain - long cruisers - like Tote Rd and nice steeps - like Hayburner. And people from Maine are so nice (ok so I'm from Maine... [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img] )

January is a cold, windy month though. Check out the snow report on RSN for the latest lift and trail report (it's part of the local tv line-up if you stay on property). Pay extra attention to the wind report b/c they do shut down lifts as necessary. So try to hit the areas where there may be problems b/c as soon as they shut down everyone heads for the superquad (they don't close that very often).

The snowfields aren't open very often in January, but who knows you may get lucky.

Have fun! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Even though the whole mountain hasn't been open yet, there are a lot of trails to ski. It looks like the Timberland lift to the top will be running this weekend for the first time. (The T bar has been running) Conditions were very good last weekend with a little fresh snow. They have been making a lot of snow. From the superquad, the halfpipe looked enormous. There are some pictures of it on the website
http://www.sugarloaf.com/daily_update/ I'm sure you'll have a great time.
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