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Crossmax Racers Setup

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Had a chance to check out one of Salomons cross max series races in the flesh in Tignes, also my mates had the opportunity to race in it after a few white lies, Fis points oh yes well below a hundred, suffice to say they got whooped big time(but its the taking part that counts, etc etc). Very interesting for a ski gear freak like myself to see the kind of setup top boys such as Enak Cavaggio are running:

Salomon Boys: Worldcup salomon Gs skis with crossmax graphics and Hangl F1 plate with s916 race bindings
Salomon Crossmax boots factory version double rivet and soles ground.(Incidentally Enaks boots had 'Xav is gay' on the back and Xavier Kuhn boots had......'Enak is gay' on the back in black marker, not sure that'll make it to the brochure!)

Rossignol peps: Factory Rossi gs boards approx 186cm with Rpm graphics slapped on FKS plate, fks185 bindings and wc boots

So surprise surprise all race gear in disguise, anyone got Crossmax race stock boots they look quite the business?
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The Cross Max race stock gear is just LAB gear in disguise. In fact you can often see the athlete's on regular LAB equipement. the boot i think is the regular X2 with a different graphic. The skis are the same skis that i race GS on, with a different topsheet. Do they use the Hangl F1 or the Hangl GS? The F1 is for speed events only, and is a rediculously stiff plate. The difference between the two is that the GS has a floating toe, and the F1 has two fixed pilot-like flexpoints.
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Aha would be the hangl gs then, espec as i hear loads of people returned the hangl f1 plate because it was a bit of a beast. yep boot is in the x2 mould but it doesnt half look cool compared to the solid red version or the translucent pinky one, anyway I still hav to sneakily wrap some presents so must stop pissing about on the net. bye
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