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Thinking of heading to Mammouth from Dec 26 for 8 days.
Lodging choices?? Perfer 2 bd condo, moderate $$
What's the best way to get there? The Mammouth website says to fly into Reno and drive, around 3 hrs.
What's the drive like ? Will be coming from the east coast so it'll be a long day....Understand the conditions are usually good early thoughts?? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Mammoth is a fantastic ski area and I have been there a few times. If it were me and I flew into Reno, I'd head to Squaw, Sugar Bowl or Alpine Meadows a scant hour away. I believe there is a pass on 395 that can close due to weather on the drive from Reno to Mammoth. I usually fly into LA and let my CA family members drive me to Mammoth which doesn't help you.

There isn't much slope side lodging at Mammoth. I have stayed at Sierra Megeve which was really nice and close to the slopes but not slope side. I have also stayed over at June Lake at some place called the June Lake Lodge which is across the street from the Tiger Bar, quiet, great views and was cheap.

December may be early, June Mountain is a fun place to ski on powder days as it doesn't get wind blasted like Mammoth, has cheap tickets and is empty.

Have a fantastic trip! CA skiing is great with deep snow pack and sunshine.
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Dude, what are you, British? It's Mammoth. No U.

The drive is one hour of desert, two hours of breathtaking mountain scenery. Even if there's not much early snow Mammou -- I mean Mammoth has extensive snowmaking. The whole town is a string of 2br condos, start here http://www.mammothreservations.com/
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just curious as to how how you arrived at the decision to ski mammoth, rather than other easier-accessed hills.
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Originally posted by Ugli Pupferknick:
Dude, what are you, British? It's Mammoth. No U.
He's thinking of Monmouth, NJ (good mountain biking, no skiing, present home of Springsteen?).
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Mammoth is a great overall mountain but the "town" lacks any character....compared to park City, Breckenridge, Jackson Hole, Aspen, etc....

That Mammoth Reservations link is a good start BUT they add on their own lil surcharge. For example, at the condos we stay at, it's $185 a night if I book it directly but $230 if I use the reservation service. I don't know what you consider moderate $$ but as with everywhere on the planet, Christmas holiday rates are much higher than any other time.

I have a season pass to Mammoth and have been going for 21 years so let me know if you need any specific info and I'll try to help you out. Also, go to the forums on the Mammoth Mtn website. Everybody on there is a pass holder and VERY knowledgable about the mountain and town.
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WOW better lose that "U" to get back in better graces....
Wanted to go somewhere I haven't been that's why I thought of Mammoth. Have heard there is usually early snow and they have good snowmaking. Only places I haven't been are Taos, Big Sky, Mammoth, Jackson Hole, Sun Valley. Thought Mammoth would be best bet for snow that time of the year......Been to Whistler 3 times but not any other western Canadian ski resorts so am open to them but have heard so many good things about Mammoth kinda wanted to check it out. What is the best way to get there?
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There may (or may not) be air service directly from Chicago next season. Unless the only time you can take a trip like this is during the holiday season, I would reccommend that you visit Mammoth a few weeks later, as the holiday crowds are unbelievable. If you DO go during the holidays, I would suggest that you stay in the terrain accessed by chair 9 and 25. That gives you about 1000 acres of terrain for all abilities (except beginners). Those slow chairs and the often wierd terrain and snow tend to keep the crowds out. But it is the most fun to be had there on a crowded day.
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Yeah, there will be some busy days During the holidays, but it usually is not as bad as it is on a three day weekend like MLK. You can avoid bottlenecks if you plan ahead.

If you stay in town, ski out of Main Lodge. Main has a half dozen high speed lifts that keep the waits down. Canyon Lodge has one high speed quad, and can become a real mess. The parking at Main sucks. Try getting there early, like catch a bus around 7-7:30 am. Or, get there by say 8:30 and pay for preferred parking. If you do not need to rent anything, Chair 2 and Chair 4 both have limited parking, and are good places to ski out of, as long as you don't have any beginners in your party. Both chairs are on the way up to Main on Minaret RD. The traffic leaving Main is horrible, plan on spending 45 minutes in bumper to SUV bumper, or hit the T-Bar, Yodler, or Dry Creek Bar, and drive (designated of course) after 5 pm.

If you are staying near Canyon Lodge, try to get up early, and get a parking place, and be mid Mtn by 10 am. Don't come back until you call it quits. If you find yourself headed down Cloverleaf with a million other people on the run, and above on chair 16 (Canyon X), then do the following: Stay on the rt. side of the run, and look for Chair 22, ride it, and ski whatever looks good.

The new "Village" may be tempting as a destination. It is definatly to cool nightspot, esp. "Lack-of-Nookie", but it's new, fast, access lift drops you off at the Canyon Lodge mess (only 1 fast lift remember?). You could take the bus to Main, as the transfer point is right there, and some people will get off to go to Canyon. You will be standing.

The best place to stay may be at Little Eagle. The Little Eagle 6 person high speed chair is fast, and offers quick access to chairs 22, 25, and 9, all of which have great terrain, and are under used. Stay high on the Mtn, and avoid Canyon!

Keep in mind that the Sierra is notoriously unpredictable. Last year the skiing was great, with big dumps before Xmas. Other years have been 90% man made snow. Some mountains ski well on man made snow. Mammoth is not one of those places. If there is little or no natural snow, pumice can blow onto the runs, and turn them into sandpaper. A couple feet of natural will keep that from happening, but '99-'00, and '00-'01 both had some grim skiing duing the Holidays. On the upside, the skiing up top in the Wipes, and Drops is often excellent when the rest of the hill is marginal, as the wind blows in snow. The same is often true for Chair 3 gullies like Xmas/China Bowls, and Wes Bowl.

June Mt is a great, if flawed Mtn. It is never crowded! Really! Somehow, I got last MLK off, and my girlfriend and I drove the 20 min away from the crowds. The old slow access double presented the only wait of the day, after that, it was no crowds, no wait. But June is flawed. The steepest terrain is at the bottom of the hill, and will most likely not have enough snow to be open. If it is open, you will have to lap the old, slow (very slow and long) access double. There is lots of uncrowded groomed intermediate skiing (read: boring). There is also all levels of terrain parks, including hits for the 7 year old and the Rockstar. Snow allowing, there are two pipes, one big and perfect, and one tiny perfect one (way fun for anybody). June also has one of the longest beginner runs in the West, and some good bumps, and trees. It also has tremendous BC skiing for the expert with experience and gear. The real problem with June is that it has a "pit" in the middle, that prevents you from skiing top to bottom without riding a chair. Did I mention it is never crowded?

Hope to see you here! - spin
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