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Jackson Hole Conditions

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Skied the weekend at the hole and it is fully open, except for Corbet's, and fully trashed off track. New snow is needed.

Groomers are mostly in good shape but getting groomed to death. The snow is getting harder, and crustier, and the trees are mostly bumped up. Marginal enough so that the local bunch I ski with did not purchase tickets for New Years day. Just not worth the money to those of use that can ski each weekend. This is not unusual for Jackson to have some periods of time like this. These conditions are nothing that a couple of feet of snow wouldn't cure.

The eggcartons that lead from Thunder chair to Grand, to the Sublette chair looked especially bad.
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Still hoping to Make it up to the whole in a few weeks Keep Posting whats happening up that way.
we could Use a good storm here in Utah. Trails are getting thin from all the Christmass crowds.But still there is snow to ski on.and al in all it's Not to bad.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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