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Taos - Snow Update?

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Anyone skied Taos lately? If so, how's the snow holding up? Are the steeps and bumps in good shape?

Heading there just before New Year's...
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Skied Taos the week between Christmas and New Year's.

The snow is good for December. Most runs had soft snow, and the weather was blue sky and sunshine. No powder to speak of, and the blacks were a little rocky in places.

The blue cruisers over by Stauffenburg were exceptional. Good bump skiing as well under that same lift. Best snow was found under lift 2 and just off West Basin Ridge on that side of the mountain. The Kachina Peak bowls were closed due to avalanche danger, but they looked really sweet.

Food tip: eat a green chile cheeseburger at Phoenix Restaurant...killer!! Oh, and "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" bar at base has Shiner Bock...really cold!

Parting shot: I buzzed a ski instructor on Stauffenburg going about 50 mph. He caught up to me and sprayed me with snow before threatening to pull my ticket. I apologized and he mellowed. Be careful if going fast...they frown on it there!
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