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Where to rent gear in Banff?

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I'll be in Banff over Easter with my two big kids.
Any recommendations on where to rent skiis and boots for them. There seems to be quite a few places and rather than wander around town aimlessly, it would be nice to rock up somehere with good gear and service.
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The Ski Stop for Rossi only, Monods for high end gear (demos), Ultimate for a range of Salomon or Dynastar or Atomic R9s. Beyond that tuning and maintenance of gear becomes an issue.
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Hey L7
Straight from the "horses mouth" (and I mean that in the nicest way). We have 7 days from Easter Saturday. Are we going to have a good time? This will be our first time in Banff. Past years we have skied Big White earlier in the season.
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I'm having a good time. I've got my nephew out for the national juvenile finals and my sister too. We're skiing around having a ball. Biggest problem is the winter weather making speed races hard to get off. Earlier in the week was warm spring conditions and now back to winter. Awesome coverage so fun seems easy enough. We lack the on hill accom of Big White but on the flip side we have an actual town with much more to offer.
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A lot of the ski shops in Calgary are doing half-price rentals these days and I presume you'll be coming through from the airport on your way to Banff. Conditions at Sunshine are great (as of yesterday), and I think Lake Louise is also pretty good. Have a great time! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks L7 & Sunshine
A few days to go and getting excited. I don't think the transfers give us much time in Calgary to do anything much than get on the bus. But will keep it in mind.
Looks to be warming up, but I assume it will hold for awhile longer.And there could be more snow on the way. Please! When you are trading cyclones and tropical heat for snow, you at least want it to be cold. (But not as cold as January.)
Well, roll on next week.
Thanks again.
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