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Trip Report (Family trip) from Vail (1/25-2/1)

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Just got back from a great ski week out at Vail. The trip was limited to myself and my seven year son (first time skier) as the women in our household don't share the same enthusiasm for the sport (at least at this point). Also a great time for a little Father-Son bonding.

The Resort : Second trip to Vail for me, first trip for my son. Vail is an excellent choice for family trips. First, the ski school was amazing. Despite both of us being a little hesitant, I dropped the kid off at ski school for the first three days so as to give him the best introduction and foundation for skiing. He loved the school and the instructors. He basically went from a level 1 to a level 4 in those three days and delighted at the various awards/stickers he earned during those days. The learner area (the one at Golden Peak) is very non-threatening for kids and, when they graduate to the big mountain, the kids mountain adventure zones are amazing for kids (and fun for adults too). The last few days were Dad and Son skiing together, where we hucked off every twelve inch jump we could find. The snow conditions the entire week were amazing considering the lack of recent snow (which snow arrived shortly after we left Vail).

The non-skiing activities and the kid-friendly restaurants were both abundant and varied. My kid gave high marks to Los Amigos and the Red Lion. The tubing hill was a blast. The ice rink at Adventure Ridge was a thumbs down by my kid as the conditions were more "raw" than he was used to. The indoor rink would have been a better choice for us.

The Lodge . We stayed at the Christiania which is a great, small lodge located just a few steps from the Vista Bahn and a medium walk (10-15 minutes with young kid) to the Golden Peak ski school. It ain't cheap, but the convenience, ambience and location are superb.

A Date with Oz : While the kid was in ski school, I had the privilege of a few private lessons with our own Man From Oz. To set the stage, I started skiing 20 years ago, never had a lesson, and hadn't skied in the past 8 years. So, while I could get down most slopes, it was pretty ugly -- Fun, but ugly. Basically, I was worst case scenario for an instructor as I had so many bad habits, it must have been difficult to figure out where to begin.

Mr. From Oz basically had to deconstruct everything I was doing and build a new skier. By the end of the lessons I was a much more confident, centered skier. [My only complaint from Mr. From Oz was his encouraging me to have an "Aussie Steak Sandwich with the Works" for lunch during our first lesson. Absolutely delicious, but I felt like I had swallowed a football for the rest of the afternoon]. Mr. From Oz also had to battle his way through the Bubonic Plague during our lessons, which he did gamely.

Man From Oz is a strong recommendation for anyone visiting Vail. (He's a great dancer too, although he prefers to lead.)

In sum, a great father-son bonding experience -- From skiing with the kid, to playing poker with him with jelly beans, to leaving the toilet seat up all week without complaint, it was amazing.
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Thanks for the report on this trip. Would love to see more reports like this in this section as it is a great aid for planning future family vacations.
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Thanks for the kind words. I am glad we looked after you all so well. Vail is great for families with the mountain and the extras to do around the place. Just think now you have a 7 year old sitting at the bar at the Red Lion .... nothing like starting them early.

Next year I promise to be healthy when you come on down. Ya ready for that my newly centred skier

Take care, thanks for skiing with me, its great to have KEEN TO LEARN clients. I am already planning next years lesson format, mmmm lets see, short turns on a full stomach.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

P.S. The snow is really good now ....
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Originally posted by Skidmo:
[QB]Just got back from a great ski week out at Vail. ...QB]
Great write-up -- enjoyed it very much. We also have a 7 year old who's a 4/5 level skier and we're planning a trip out to Vail next Christmas. Good to hear about the strong kids' programs. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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