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Need help for a friend....

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A friend of mine needs new sticks, and is unsure as to what size to get. He's 5'6", about 130lbs, and skis the bumps. Right now he's using straight skis, but wants to transition to shaped....

Edit: he's an advanced skiier, not a n00b.

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I assume he's not in the bumps all the time so a bump-specific ski might not be the first choice, perhaps. I like K2's, but all vendors make a good ski these days.

I would suggest a high end, all-mountain ski, maybe the Axis X Pro, or the Salomon X-Scream Series, or the Bandit XX or XXX. For the bumps he might want a ski where the tail doesn't flair out as much as the tip, so it's kind of a 'Y' shaped ski. length would probably be around 181cm's or about. stiffer in the tail than the tip.
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It would be helpful if we had more info about your fiend.Is he an agressive skier?Is he skiing on the east coast mid west or the rockies? With the new skis he could be skiing something vary short.But my best guess would be something about 170-180 in an all mountain mid fat type ski.Check out some of the deals that AC posted on last years skis.They had some pretty good prices on some excellent skis.
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yes, he'll want an all mountain ski, and after asking him, he says he'd classify himself as an aggro skiier, but not the type you'll see in the movies [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Besides all-mountain, does he mainly ski packed runs or does he also ski powder & crud? Also, is he a California skier?
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he skis packed and powder, and yes, he's a california skiier, mainly kirkwood and heavenly iirc
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Your friend isn't very big so I don't think he would enjoy a beefy ski like the Rossi XXX and something stiff like the K2 Axis Pro. I would recommend trying the Bandit X & XX, the K2 Axis & the Salomon Pilot 8 & 10. Last year I would have recommended the G31 but this year replacement is suppose to have a carving tale which makes it a bear in the moguls.
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probably right. I thought he wanted something with speed and to take the vibrations. But the x or XX would be great. My MODx are this years Axis or is it Axis X? Anyway It has handled many conditions and speeds so far. Great in the heavy stuff too. But then maybe he should demo the Bandit XX... tight ski!
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The modX's are this yrs AxisX.

For length have him try a 174, the G31's also have a fairly stiff tail, he might get kicked around a bit in the crud, the bandit X,XX,K2 AxisX and the Xscream 9's even, he could probbably get away with a Xscream series even if he has good balance.
just my $0.02
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