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Vermont this weekend (where should I go?)

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Just found a real cheap fare for this weekend to Burlington VT that would get me in at appx 10:45am Saturday and I'd have to fly out by 5:30pm on Sunday.
So that gives me Saturday afternoon and most of (or at least early) Sunday to get in some turns. These would be my first of the season. It appears that Stowe, Smuggs and Bolton Valley only have a few trails open.
Any advice from you New Englanders?? Help!
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This is a bit of a drive but Okemo will have 30+ trails open this weekend.
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Save your money. Let's assume that you can get a car and be out of the airport by 11:15 if the flight is on time. It's about 45 minutes to Smuggs. You get there at noon, and you're on the slopes by 12:30. Last chair is probably about 3:15 (it gets dark early these days), so you've got less than 3 hours on Saturday. Sunday would be better, assuming you're staying locally, you'd have about a full day.

Other resorts with more trails open (Killington, Okemo, Stratton) are all at least 2 hours away - effectively ruling them out for Saturday, and cutting into the end of the day on Sunday.

There is also talk of weather this weekend - which could impair your ability to get to or from the airport. Save the money and take a longer weekend when more has opened up.

Just my 2 cents. I'm jonesing too.
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It's definitely not worth the drive from Burlington to Okemo.
If you wanted to drive for the best skiing, it's closer to go to Killington which just got 13" of snow yesterday.

But if you do that, you'll only be able to get in a total of 1/2 day on Sunday : so stick with one of those you mentioned.

I'd definitely go to Stowe. You've only got 1 1/2 days, so you can at least pump out the maximum vertical there on the high speed quad, which is open. 2 trails, 3 trails, what's the difference for 1 day? Stowe has better grooming and snowmaking as well. I don't know when the gondola will be open, but if it's open by the weekend, that's a great way to rack up some runs, especially if it gets nasty out. And there is the possibility that might happen this weekend.

If there is a storm this weekend, I'd rather be driving on I-89 than the back roads to Smuggs. For that matter, if it's really dumping out, then I might just give Bolton Valley a try. Or, how about 1/2 day Saturday at Bolton, and Sunday at Stowe?

There ya' go! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

BTW - Keep in mind, this weekend is DEMO Day at Stowe too! :
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Looks like I was typing while Tumbler was posting his. Seems like we aggree on this one.

I'd also say that Okemo is probably ~ 3 Hrs. away, and unless you're jonseing so bad that you can't wait a few days, and have lots of money to burn, why not wait a bit. If any type of storm develops this weekend,READ THIS you'd probably be better off driving up to Hunter Mtn. midweek and reaping the benefits for a lot less hassle there.
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Not sure K-mart is all that much closer...I was up in B-ton 3 weeks ago and was shocked at the sprawl south on Rte 7 (the main road between B-ton and Rutland). I hadn't been that way in over 20 years. It took me almost an hour to get from the airport to Vergennes (which is still a loooong way from Rutland). Back in my UVM days, we usually made it to Vergennes in 20 minutes or so and it was still well over 90 minutes to the parking lot at Killington.

I'm not local any more, but I would always recomend Stowe if they have any snow.
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Thanks for the advice folks! The plan that puts me in Bolton Valley for Sat afternoon and Sunday at Stowe seems to be my best bet. Never been to either so it'll be an adventure no matter what. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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