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Jackson Hole Report

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I just got back from a week in Jackson Hole, my first visit since 1991.

First observation: this is an amazingly well-run mountain. Nice, hard-working people everywhere, even in town.

Second observation: everyone skis well here. The new skis have definitely improved the overall level of skiing over the past few years. The simple fact that almost everyone is skiing in control makes the whole skiing experience much more enjoyable. Even the boarders were courteous.

Good size snowfalls on Sunday 2/24 and Thursday 2/28 and beautiful (if cold) weather Monday through Wednesday. I will not wait eleven years for the next visit!
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Made my first trip to JH last month. What a place. I'll be going back.
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Hey TF, is it as steep as everyone says? If so, I can't wait to pull a road-trip to try it out!
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T.F., there were plenty of good skiers in Jackson before shaped skis. Always have been.
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Mike C.: no, it is a really mellow place. That is why amatuers like Micah Black hang out there. (/ehd of sarcasm)

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