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Hey Lucky... - Crystal Conditions

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(or anyone else who has skied Crystal this week) Can we get the inside scoop on conditions at Crystal? What is the coverage like? With all this new snow, I think I'll head up this Saturday. I'm dying to try out the new fat skis, but my brain says to bring the old mid-fats, in case there are rocks lurking under all that new snow. What do you think?

By the way, if you or anyone else is up at Crystal on Saturday - look for me, and let's ski a few runs together. I'm about 6'5" 205 lb wearing a dark green shell, black ski pants, red & yellow Raichles, and a Leedom silver & black helmet.
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Chronic: I was at Crystal thurs. Good coverage, I didn't hit anything. I was on fats and they were great in the 18 inches of new. They are going to full operation today (Fri.) with the exception of High Campbell.

I will probably be there on Sat. and will look for you. I'm 6' 185, blue parka, black pants, saffron colored Salomon boots and either AK Rockets or X-Scream skis.

I don't know the conditions of the upper Mtn. because no one (other than the patrol and cat drivers) has been up there, but if it is anything like the lower runs it should be good.

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Cool. I'll look for you there. I'll be somewhere on the upper mountain... Thanks for the info.
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Hey Chronic, awesome day eh. Too bad we didn't hook-up. I wish the upper mountain would have been open longer, pretty stiff wind though. I'll look for you this season.
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Great day - I kept my eye out, but it would have been a miracle to find anyone in the zoo they call lift lines. Great day overall - and perfect for the fats. Thanks again for the info - you were right, the coverage was excellent. If the forecast holds, it should be quite good for a while - I'll let you know next time I'm thinking of heading up.
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Cronic: Crystal was epic today. It snowed hard all day and your tracks would get covered by the time you got back. They opened Chair 6. Visability wasn't great, but skiing was. This weekend should be good unless the temps. go up. Face shots in a lot of places and K-2 face was in great shape.
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What the hell am I doing at work today?
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Man! I went to Steven's yesterday and boy was it snowin'and blowin'!!!! But since I'd taken the day off and drove all that way I had to ski.

All in all it really wasn't that bad. Especially for my first day up. It really is true what they say....

A bad day on skiing beats a good day in the office anytime.

Hope it holds for this weekend.

Man just look at this! Make me want to cry - it was a white out yesterday. Hope all you Washington skiers enjoy the good weather I brought you by going yesterday and not today. Man what a Shelprock I am.

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Lucky - Don't rub it in!! It was hard concentrating on Thursday. I'll be up this weekend (probably Sunday) I'll keep an eye out.

Have they opened Northback (or Southback) yet?
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Chronic: I heard Northback was open yesterday, but didn't go out there so I can't confirm. There was enough stuff that was good near the chairs. I will probably be up Sat. because of social obligations. Sun. looks like the better day. Have fun!
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