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Mount Snow - 3/20

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I went up to Mount Snow with my wife today because I figured we might as well get one more day in and we had never been there.

I was kind of dissapointed in the snow and terrain. I mean the snow was great for late March of a crappy snow year but it didn't seem like they got "16" of snow.

The terrain seemed kind of boring and the main mountain is pretty flat in the middle kind of like Tremblant.

The northface had some fun runs but I would hardly consider Ripcord as steeper then some runs we talked about in the steep NE trails thread.

I expected it to be crowded but I do not think I have ever seen two lines so big in my life. The two main quads at the base were so packed at 11:30 that I called it a day after skiing from 8:00.

I just don't think the terrain is worth $64, a half hour wait in line, or the 2.5 hour drive from Boston.

I'm glad I tried it but was kind of dissapointed.
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I skied there a lot in college, and it definitely gets crowded on weekends (much more so than other areas in VT). Being in Southern VT, it attracts a lot of people from Mass.

There's a section of the mountain called "Carinthia" (used to be a separate small ski area) which is less crowded but mostly has blue/green terrain.

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Sat.+ So.VT= Crowds. But you knew that, didn't you?

Sorry the rest of the mountain disappointed you, I always have fun there.
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I consider Okemo southern VT and they are never packed like that on a Saturday.

I saw way more New York and Jersey license plates then Mass.
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Agree w/you 100%, Scalce. Mt Snow ain't worth the effort from Boston area IMO. Skied Cannon yesterday and never waited more than a minute in a lift line.
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Originally posted by Scalce:
I consider Okemo southern VT and they are never packed like that on a Saturday.

I saw way more New York and Jersey license plates then Mass.
Nah, I'm calling bull$hit on that one. I skied Okemo Sat. 3/13 and it was far more crowded than anywhere I'd skied this season (20+ days). By comparison, the following day @ Mt. snow was a pleasure.

And as far as where the plates are from, what's the difference? Crowded is crowded, whether it's with Noo Yawkers, or Ma$$holes.
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Skier above was saying that Mt Snow is crowded because of alot of Mass drivers but that was hardly the case. I don't care who skis where. I was just saying that it is probably more convenient for New Yorkers to drive there and that seemed like the case yesterday.

You cannot compare a Saturday at one place to a Sunday at another place. Sunday is always less crowded.

The crowds were so bad yesterday that people were leaving instead of waiting in the line and there were still a ton of people coming in after 11:30. I even asked a few people that worked there and even they said it was the worst all year.

Personally I would rather wait in line at Okemo because they have a way better lift system and better terrain. The other areas of Mt Snow were not nearly as crowded but they were all greens like Skier said above.

Waiting in line for 30-40 minutes to ski down a flat, short, scraped off diamond run is not my idea of fun or worth the time and money.
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Well I guess it's settled then, see ya at Okemo.

Please encourage others to stay away from Mt. Snow as well.

Or how 'bout this, we team up, and tell everyone that Okemo and Mt. Snow BOTH suck, and send'em all to Killington!

Think it'll work?
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Sounds like a plan.
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Please remember that most skiers ski on Saturday. Okemo was also busy on Saturday. One of the benefits of skiing at the same Mt all the time is you learn crowd flow. It is possible to ski without waiting in to many long lift lines. You just have to know where and WHEN to go.
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How were the conditions at Okemo?

I wonder how it will be this coming weekend.
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Good advice.

I must admit that as a patroller at Mt. Slow, Lines don't mean anything to me. We go to the front in spite of all the jeering and derision from the crowd. That said, If one gets an early start, then breaks shortly after 11:00, the crowd dies again by 1:30. Especially on Sunday as people are not eager to get up early Sunday mornings, and plan to leave Sunday afternoon. Saturday was a wonderful ski day and it didn't even start to rain until 3:30 !

Conditions were acceptable Sunday "Crusty with a dusting of grapple" but even with snow falling all day the skiing was loud until trail closing.

Scalce, I wouldn't drive much more than the 20 miles Mt. Snow is from my front door, But I like the Mountain as well as Stratton, and better than O-KEE-MO.

When I start feeling the runs are too short and the lines too long, I head for the trees or the moguls (Free Fall was more than I could top to bottom Saturday).

What we all need is a Sugar Bush in our back gardens!

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I liked Freefall and some other runs on the Northface. I did laps up and down all those runs but then went back to the other side once the lines got long. There was some nice heavy powder along the tree line on some runs down near Ego Alley and whatever else is over there on the right side.

I would have taken a long lunch and waited for the lines to die down but the snow was in just OK condition and I didn't feel like hanging out for a few hours to ski on scraped off runs.

I am amazed at how many people don't get to a mountain until 11-12.

I was on the lifts at 7:50 and had to wake up at like 4:15 to get there that early.

I guess only serious skiers or die hards get up at the crack of dawn to get the good conditions.
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Not to gloat, but here goes:

I drove from Boston up to Sugarbush last Saturday morning. We were on the slopes at 9:20 or so. Saw someone I knew and got the word that the woods were great. We skied everything. Some of the glades had boot deep light fluffy pow where it was untracked. They really hit the jackpot last week. It was mid-winter. There was a big line at the Castlerock chair (always is when it's good), but none on the rest of the mountain. We skied until 3:45 and stopped from exhaustion at that point. One of the best days of the year for me.

I just really love that mountain. It didn't seem crowded until we walked through the base at the end of the day. The parking lots were full all the way back. I think it just does a good job of absorbing people - it's so spread out, especially at South. Scalce, you should give it a try, I bet you'll like it.
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tumbler, don't feel bad about gloating, That's why we're here. To share our good times.

O-KEE-MO was great last weekend, I'm headed to the big K tomorrow. Okemo should be great again this weekend. Nice soft carveable snow. I wouldn't wait to much longer, there's not a whole lot of cover.
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I loved Sugarbush when I spent 3 days there in March.

It is my favorate mountain in New England by far.

Going up there for a day trip is hardcore.

How long did it take you to get there?

Which route did you take?
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Scalce - on a good day, I can make Boston from home (in Mad River Valley, 10 min. from base lodge at Sugarbush North) in a little over 3 hours...possibly bending a few speed laws here and there. Head up 93 to 89, 89 to Vermont exit 5, left off exit, down hill, cross paved road onto Lover's Lane, left at end of Lover's on 12A, south to Roxbury and over Roxbury Gap. Having said that - if it gets warm this week the Gap will be pretty bad. A good substitute for that route is to take exit 3 and head over Bethel Mtn. Road to Rt. 100 - BMR is paved, Rox Gap is mud (oops, I mean dirt)
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Scalce - it was a long day going up and back. It took a little over 3 hours to get there. I don't know where you are coming from in Boston, but it would take me about 2.5 to get to Mount Sneaux. The extra half hour is worth it in my book. I went up 93 to 89 to exit 9 in VT, then in on 100B to 100. I usually try to peg the cruise control just under 80. The great thing about Sugarbush is that from Boston, it's mostly highway - about 20 minutes on secondary roads.

I like the shortcut over the Roxbury gap (exit 5), but I was in a car with no snows, and they'd had some snow that week. My experience is that the gap can save you 10 - 15 minutes. I'd always check the weather though - you don't want to be up there when it's all mud in anything but the most serious of 4WD vehicles.
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Yeah I think it took me like 3 hours last time I was up there.

I have a Murano with sport suspension so I would probably avoid the gap unless I want to loosen my bindings from my skis with the vibrations. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I love Sugarbush but I am not sure it would be worth it for a day trip. I am always so exhausted by early afternoon from waking up at 4 in the morning.
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Do you want a little cheese with that wine? May be find a inexpensive motel on the way home and make a weekend with the wife out of it.
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Yes olive and pimento please.

I will probably take a few weekend trips to Sugarbush next year. I had a really good time there.

So you gonna be at Okemo this weekend or what?

Hook me up with some lift tickets. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Everyone wants a free ride... I have already used my freebies.
"So you gonna be at Okemo this weekend or what?"

Does a bear ....

Yes, I will be there both day's.
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